Biden’s next bill is $4 trillion and will end our energy independence


Biden’s handlers are planning a four trillion dollar climate change and infrastructure package that CNN calls “vastly more ambitious than any in US history.” This follows a nearly $2 trillion ‘relief’ bill for payoffs and bailouts with only 9% for COV.

It will mean the end of U.S. energy independence. Democrats plan to destroy the country.

So far, Biden stopped oil and gas leases on federal lands and shut down the Keystone pipeline. This new legislation puts radical Climate Czars Gina McCarthy and John Kerry in a position to implement it.

This bill will cause a tremendous loss of jobs and energy will skyrocket to say nothing of the debt and deficit it will cause. Prepare for inflation, possibly stagflation.

The only person who stands in the way is Senator Joe Manchin, who is unreliable.

During an interview on Sunday, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), told “Axios on HBO” that he wouldn’t support Biden’s climate change and infrastructure package unless Republicans are included in negotiations.

Senator Joe Manchin, who is not a moderate Democrat but passed off as one, is the chairman of the Senate Energy Committee. He comes from coal country, and needs to keep up the show as a moderate.

Manchin said he will not pass this next bill through reconciliation.

“I’m not going to do it through reconciliation. I am not going to get on a bill that cuts them out completely before we start trying.” via NY Post.

We’ll see.

Clyburn wants free reign to pass anything they want, no matter what it does to the nation.

Manchin is already weakening on the filibuster:



  1. I wouldn’t want to be living in coal country after the big sellout.
    Enough people voted for Venezuela as they clutched the hurt me Elmo doll and pointed to where the bad orange tweets caused so much pain so let them enjoy the consequences.
    Venezuela was an oil producing country with a surplus and then…democratic socialism.
    Democratic Socialism is really only good for burning it all down by any means necessary.
    I’m sure our external “allies” will feel the unity and give us free energy in the interest of the global Benetton rainbow utopia. (not really)

  2. What in the hell are these bastards trying to prove. Their policies are radical and it has to stop. Where is their common sense and logic. It seem that they’re full of hate for the American people. Of course the politbureau will all become mini-rulers and oligarchs.

  3. This awful senate situation was produced by that corrupt coward, China Mitch. He fights against conservatives, does not oppose voter fraud, opposed legislation which would have helped Trump.

    The republican party is just a bunch of losers with Crook Mitch “leading” the senate.

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