Biden can’t remember his defense secretary — ‘that guy who runs that outfit over there’


Mentally challenged Joe, our Democrat president, couldn’t remember the name of his Defense Secretary today.  He was thanking him during an International Women’s Day speech when he struggled in vain to remember.

Secretary Lloyd Austin was standing right behind him at the time. There were teleprompters and probably an earpiece. He also didn’t know the outfit over there is the Pentagon.

He said, “So I want to thank you both and I want to thank the Sec…the…the uh…former general – I keep calling him general – my…my uh…the guy who runs that outfit over there. I want to make sure we thank the Secretary for all he’s done to try and implement what we just talked about…”

Donald Trump couldn’t have gotten away with that. However, the media isn’t saying a word about Joe’s obvious problems.

Does anyone want to guess as to when Kamala will take over? She has already handled calls with foreign leaders.

Secretary Austin was the first to speak but that wasn’t enough for Joe.




  1. A page says wymyn’s day is commie?
    You know the thing, come on man.

    “Following the October Revolution in 1917, the Bolshevik Alexandra Kollontai persuaded Vladimir Lenin to make [March 8th, International Women’s Day] an official holiday in the Soviet Union….Kollontai believed that, like the state, the family unit would wither away once the second stage of communism became a reality. She viewed marriage and traditional families as legacies of the oppressive, property-rights-based, egoist past.

  2. This man is pathetic. His family and the DNC new of his affliction before he was nominated and then elected. They should all be brought up on charges of elderly abuse. The man will not last the year. Just long enough to executive order this country down the path to hell, while these morons on the left cheer him on.

  3. Biden just looked lost and overwhelmed. Disturbing to be sure, but even more so knowing he was reading off a teleprompter. Surely he had notes at the podium! Notice how VP Harris is always with him? She’s ready to step in at a moment’s notice or catch him if he falls.

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