Biden’s speech before a teeny ‘crowd’ today is just like the one in June, both in Pittsburgh


The big speech before the big crowds?  Why is the location and crowd size of Joe Biden’s August speech in Pittsburgh just like the one in June?

Why didn’t he just go up to his living room and make the speech from there if he felt it was time to get out of the basement? Then he would be able to take his mid-day nap more conveniently.

Why travel to Pittsburgh to speak to six people — reporters? He didn’t even answer questions.

Do you remember his speech in a Pittsburgh suburb in June? The NY Times wrote about it. She described it thus:

“There was no soundtrack of carefully selected, inoffensive pop music blasting in the background. No reporters fighting over power outlets and positioning. No rope line for the candidate to walk, shaking hands and snapping selfies.”

“Oh, and hardly any voters.”

“About 20 handpicked local officials, small-business owners, and reporters sat in folding chairs, each placed within a large white circle taped on the floor of a recreation center to maintain — or at least encourage — social distancing. A few attendees whispered to each other as photographers quietly chatted. You could hear the clack of typing echoing across the room. The silence was striking…Nearly everyone wore masks.”

And here’s the photo:

Does anyone else find this odd??? Is it the same place?

Pittsburgh in June
Pittsburgh in August

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