Biden’s Speech Tonight Will Be About “Mega Magas”


It’s no longer “Ultra Magas,” it’s “Mega Magas”! This evening, Joe Biden’s unscheduled speech will address the threats to democracy – MEGA MAGAS! Most ironically, Biden’s talking head, Karine Jean-Pierre, KJP, said that Republicans refuse to follow the rule of law, even as Democrats trample the Constitution and our justice system.

KJP claims “Mega MAGAS” fan the flames of political violence. Aside from the Jan. 6 riot, she might be referring to the illegal alien hippie nudist who lived as a leftist for decades and beat up Paul Pelosi.

Certainly, she’s not referring to the violent communists of Antifa and Soro’s Black Lives Matter. Nor is she referring to all the criminals they let out of prison with little or no repercussions.

Mega Magas is too silly.

Paul Pelosi was hammered into unconsciousness in an out of control crime-ridden Democrat city with loosely goosey enforcement. Maybe Democrats shouldn’t turn cities into crime-infested war zones while destroying the economy.

KJP didn’t mention the 100+ pro-life centers firebombed by leftists, not mega magas.

Democrats in this administration aren’t even honest about the obvious. It’s time to send a message and bring back the Democrat Party as it was meant to be.

Democrat cities are crime-ridden:

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