Biden’s Speech Tonight Will Be About “Mega Magas”


It’s no longer “Ultra Magas,” it’s “Mega Magas”! This evening, Joe Biden’s unscheduled speech will address the threats to democracy – MEGA MAGAS! Most ironically, Biden’s talking head, Karine Jean-Pierre, KJP, said that Republicans refuse to follow the rule of law, even as Democrats trample the Constitution and our justice system.

KJP claims “Mega MAGAS” fan the flames of political violence. Aside from the Jan. 6 riot, she might be referring to the illegal alien hippie nudist who lived as a leftist for decades and beat up Paul Pelosi.

Certainly, she’s not referring to the violent communists of Antifa and Soro’s Black Lives Matter. Nor is she referring to all the criminals they let out of prison with little or no repercussions.

Mega Magas is too silly.

Paul Pelosi was hammered into unconsciousness in an out of control crime-ridden Democrat city with loosely goosey enforcement. Maybe Democrats shouldn’t turn cities into crime-infested war zones while destroying the economy.

KJP didn’t mention the 100+ pro-life centers firebombed by leftists, not mega magas.

Democrats in this administration aren’t even honest about the obvious. It’s time to send a message and bring back the Democrat Party as it was meant to be.

Democrat cities are crime-ridden:

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

It’s time to send a message and bring back the Democrat Party as it was meant to be.”
I heartily disagree! Which party would we consider bringing back?
When would that be? The party was founded in 1828 by Martin Van Buren and others. He was the 8th president being elected in 1836.
We don’t need the FDR era and Red Eleanor.
We don’t need the Woodrow Wilson Era. He became a puppet of his wife, and the party has clueless Joe today, but I am not sure in Dr. Jill is his puppet master.
Let’s take a leap. The nation was 76 years old and the constitution 64 years old when Democrat Franklin Pierce was elected. He did a few good things, and brought about needed reforms, but he exasperated the tensions of the era helping bring on the Civil War. Was he a racist? He believed that the abolitionist movement was a fundamental threat to the unity of the nation. He alienated anti-slavery groups by signing the Kansas–Nebraska Act and enforcing the Fugitive Slave Act which nullified the Missouri Compromise. Out of office already for a term he became a vocal critic of President Abraham Lincoln. No, we don’t the Democrats of that era.
The Whig party lasted less than 60 years. The true Democrat Party less.
The Democrats of today want us to think they are the Party of Washington and Jefferson, but they were long out of office when it was founded.
The Whig party folded and the New Republican Party formed with Abe Lincoln as their first candidate.
No, don’t bring back the Democrat Party of a previous era.
It should be dissolved and a new party, or parties formed.

1 year ago

The Democrat Party may have been founded by Martin Van Buren, but it’s original figurehead and leader was Andrew Jackson. The symbol of the Democrat Party is a Jackass because most Americans at the Time thought Andrew Jackson was a Jackass. Andrew Jackson’s only real claim to fame was being a War Hero. That was enough to keep the Union together when the Convention of the People of South Carolina approved the South Carolina Ordinance of Nullification over tariffs. Jackson indicated he would crush South Carolina if it tried to leave the Union. That made Jackson a Jackass! From the very beginning, Democrats were seen as the Party of Oppressors; and Jackasses! Nothing has changed in over 190 years.

1 year ago

He missed me because I am Ultra Mega Maga !!