Biden’s Stenographer: His Treasonous Alliance with Smugglers


In The Case to Impeach and Imprison Joe Biden, Mike McCormick, who has worked under three presidents and their vice presidents, argues that Joe Biden exhibited treasonous behavior and should be impeached and imprisoned.

It’s his third book, and we can safely say he’s not a fan of the Democrats. In the clip below from January, he discusses how mentally demeaned Joe Biden is. He added that he is not in touch with reality, has never been, and doesn’t understand why Jill doesn’t stop him.

He said his trip to Ukraine in 2015 was a “crime.” He arranged for Hunter to serve on the Burisma board and might have taken money himself.

“When I worked for him, I thought Joe was harmless — egotistical, buffoonish, and unpresidential, but harmless,” McCormick wrote in his book. “Now I think of him as an evil criminal who should be impeached and imprisoned.”

In the clip and in his book, McCormick says Biden’s Alliance for Prosperity is “treasonous.”

He said the pact funded “cartel-affiliated cocaine smugglers in the Honduran government who were then under investigation by the DEA with hundreds of millions of US taxpayer dollars.”

McCormick said Biden knew they were smuggling drugs, and he did it anyway. Now, he’s turned the board over to the smugglers. He said Biden and the Democrats knew it.

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