Big Business & Biden autocracy meet to plan ruining the economy together


President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris spoke with labor leaders and top CEOs on Monday to discuss economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, a transition aide told Reuters.

Forget limited government!

It’s the unholy alliance that will benefit them and damage the economy. The American worker will be left with the crumbs.

The group included the CEOs of General Motors, Microsoft, Target, and Gap, as well as the president of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations.

Biden told attendees that “unions are going to have increased power” once he comes to office in January.

He called himself a “union guy” — but said “that’s not anti-business.”

This is the perfect union of corrupt crony government with corrupt big corporations, uniting as crony capitalists or crony socialists. They even met recently to discuss how to handle the situation if DJT doesn’t conceded.

The corrupt big corporations not only have a seat at the government, they will run things together. Expect a lot more wasteful spending and destruction of the middle class wage earner.

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The Not So Great Leap Backward
The Not So Great Leap Backward
2 years ago

These clueless commie cretins can’t capitalism.
They couldn’t run a brothel next do a lumber mill. (h/t-grammaw)
Nothing destroys an economy like socialism and that is part of the burn it all down plan.
Newsflash for the (s)election groupies-unity won’t be happening while you enrich yourselves above all others because you think there is some mandate for a fundamental transformation that the majority wasn’t asking for.

O/T-quality steak is a luxury now as a decent one is going for $20. You can get a fat and gristle steak at the Sack N’ Save at a nice price but what is the point.
Why it is almost as if they don’t want the deplorable kulak untermenschen scum to have any protein.

2 years ago

Traitor Joe may not be good for pipelines, but he is great for the firearms business. The shelves are empty all over South Florida. I can’t even find ammo to go hunting with. Haven’t seen this since 0bama was elected. No wonder the Congress is so scared of The People!