BIG! Judge Demands FBI Docs & the Infamous 302 in Flynn Case!


Judge Sullivan, who is overseeing General Flynn’s case, demands to see the infamous FBI 302 and other FBI documents about the ambush interview of Mike Flynn set up by Sally Yates, Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok.

The judge gave the FBI two days to fork them over.

This is big!

Flynn was ambushed — unfairly set up. Perhaps Judge Sullivan will do something about it. Our dream here at the Sentinel is to see it thrown out and General Flynn sue the government and win.


In case you missed it, disgraced former FBI Director James Comey takes credit for General Flynn’s entrapment. This is the key excerpt from the WSJ article:

We also know from then FBI Director James Comey that this was his idea. This is “something I probably wouldn’t have done or wouldn’t have gotten away with in a more organized administration,” Mr. Comey boasted on MSNBC this weekend. “In the George W. Bush Administration or the Obama Administration, if the FBI wanted to send agents into the White House itself to interview a senior official, you would work through the White House counsel, there would be discussions and approvals and who would be there. And I thought, it’s early enough let’s just send a couple guys over.”

If the goal was to set a legal trap, it worked. The two agents showed up at the White House within hours of Mr. McCabe’s call, and they reported in the 302 that General Flynn had been “relaxed and jocular” and “clearly saw the FBI agents as allies.” One of the agents was Peter Strzok, who is famous for his anti-Trump texts to his FBI paramour.


The sentencing memo filed on Wednesday provides startling evidence of a very aggressive prosecutor who overreached in the case of General/National Security Adviser Mike Flynn. It’s in sharp contrast to the actions taken towards Hillary Clinton.

While Flynn is among several Trump associates to have been charged with making false statements as part of the Russia probe, no one interviewed during the FBI’s Clinton email investigation was hit with false statement charges – though investigators believed some witnesses were untruthful.

What is most alarming is the FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe presented the damning interview with the two FBI agents about Russia as an extension of a recently-held training. He further advised him not to have a lawyer or other witness in the interest of expediency or he would have to alert the Justice Department.

It was Flynn against two agents.

During the interview, the agents, Peter Strzok and one other, failed to advise him of his rights so as to not alert him. Flynn was so comfortable and so unaware of the seriousness or possible repercussions, he offered to give them a tour of the West Wing.

The agents did not refer Flynn for making false statements and it wasn’t until Mueller came on the scene that it was revisited.

The following is a verbatim transcript of the key sections of the memo:

At 12:35 p.m. on January 24, 2017, the first Tuesday after the presidential inauguration, General Flynn received a phone call from then-Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, on a secure phone in his office in the West Wing.

General Flynn had for many years been accustomed to working in cooperation with the FBI on matters of national security.

He and Mr. McCabe briefly discussed a security training session the FBI had recently conducted at the White House before Mr. McCabe, by his own account, stated that he “felt that we needed to have two of our agents sit down” with General Flynn to talk about his communications with Russian representatives.

Mr. McCabe’s account states: “I explained that I thought the quickest way to get this done was to have a conversation between [General Flynn] and the agents only. I further stated that if LTG Flynn wished to include anyone else in the meeting, like the White House Counsel for instance, that I would need to involve the Department of Justice. [General Flynn] stated that this would not be necessary and agreed to meet with the agents without any additional participants.”

It was deceptive, potentially exculpatory, and it looks like entrapment.

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4 years ago

The judge months ago demanded exculpatory information. Isn’t this what he wanted? The DOJ will not provide it. They will merely stall and pursue the other avenues to get Trump.

Trump must act if he is to show he is the tough leader he pretends to be. If he won’t do it for himself he should to it for us.

John Acord
John Acord
4 years ago

This incident simply confirms the FBI is hopelessly corrupt, peopled by unprincipled Stalinists who are determined to enslave the American people. This agency needs to be abolished immediately!

4 years ago

There are no words that can describe how despicable and disgusting this entire affair is. It’ difficult to read that document more than a couple pages at a time, it’s so infuriating.

We know the the agents involved, Comey, McCabe and Strzok, and if this is what the FBI has to offer then the entire agency should be disbanded. It was McCabe that went after Robyn Gritz. She wasn’t alone in her case against the FBI. It was reported the problem is widespread in the FBI main office.

Furthermore, what Comey just admitted to has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt the low-life this man is. Flynn, by all means, should be fully exonerated by Sullivan and the FBI’s own budget should have to compensate him for all costs, including extensive punitive damages. On a side note, the same with James Corsi.

How can a country THIS perverse ever hope to be a beacon around the world. Why should a single man put His life on the line for such a country. Some years ago my son wanted to join the Army, and I talked him out of it. There’s no way I wanted my only son to possibly give his life only to have people like those mentioned to continue. I seriously doubt there will be any justice meted out to those individuals. From the text, it rather seems like Comey is “gleeful” about the entire matter. What a disgusting Dirtbag. I put Mueller in the same category. I, for one, no longer have any love for this country.

Corruption is rampant, and my hope was Trump would begin to accomplish rooting out that corruption. Instead, it appears it is So deep that no administration will be able to conquer it. Therefor, there is No hope in the matter. About all one can hope for is that He will not be a subject of such corruption. It is as clear as the nose on one’s face that, most certainly, Congress will do absolutely nothing about it. THEY are co-conspirators. Let’s not forget, they made sure to pass the FISA reauthorization Before many details came out. Only a couple even brought that fact up.

The one thing every person should realize in this corrupt system is Never Ever talk to any FBI agent, ever. I was interviewed once on someone’s background check and my response would be completely different today. Do you have a warrant, otherwise leave, would be my response. My once respect and admiration for the FBI is not completely gone. This goes also for the Department of Justice, Congress, along with Intelligence agencies. We can only hope Judge Sullivan will do the right thing. So long as there is Prosecutorial Immunity nothing will change.