Big Turnout of Ds Voting for a Dead Democrat in Pennsylvania


In addition to voting for a mentally deficient John Fetterman, Pennsylvanians voted for a dead Democrat in this election. He died from Lymphoma a month before. Democrat Anthony “Tony” DeLuca was the state’s longest-serving state representative and received 85% of the vote.

Dead Democrats vote and they run for office and win! Tony DeLuca is proof of the latter.

Democrats are steadfast Ds if nothing else. It goes with their totalitarian mindset.

Mr. DeLuca died on October 9th from the disease he defeated twice. It did trigger a special election to be held in the future. They couldn’t get another candidate in time.

Pennsylvania Democrats put out the following message on Twitter:

While we’re incredibly saddened by the loss of Representative Tony DeLuca, we are proud to see the voters to continue to show their confidence in him and his commitment to Democratic values by re-electing him posthumously. A special election will follow soon.

The Democrats are “proud” that voters still “show their confidence in him.” Yes, they are even confident in him while dead. We are sorry Mr. DeLuca didn’t make it. But, he did get a big sendoff winning the election a month after he passed.


Pennsylvania’s 32nd Legislative District comprises Penn Hills, Verona, the majority of Plum, and, now, Oakmont for 39 years.

DeLuca was running posthumously against Green candidate Queonia Livingston. To be fair, he was probably the better candidate, even though he’s deceased.

A resident of Penn Hills for over 60 years, DeLuca got his start in politics serving on the Penn Hills Government Study Commission that helped draft the municipality’s Home Rule Charter, then five years as a Penn Hills councilman, followed by two years as Penn Hills deputy mayor before running for his state House seat.

DeLuca served as the Democratic chairman of the House Insurance Committee for 20 years.

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2 months ago

It used to be that Dead Democrats voted Early and often. Now Democrats vote for the Dead and Brain Dead. But here’s the thing, most Liberals wouldn’t vote at all if it required getting off their ass and voting in person. Interestingly having to vote in person is called “voter suppression” by Democrats, but not having working voting equipment is a “glitch”.

The Stupidity in PA is mostly due to Mail-in and Early Voting, PA is basically a ballot harvesting State as in AZ, CA, etc. I talked to someone from Nevada. Her Grand Daughter told her that a teacher told a Class that as soon as they get their Ballots they needed to vote Democrat and get them mailed in to show support for President Biden’s (Traitor Joe’s) Debt Forgiveness plan. The Teacher also said that if the Students got extra ballots they should bring them to some “Organization” (She didn’t remember the name.) so they can be “forwarded” to the “Right” people so their vote gets counted too. If Mail-in Ballots isn’t a formula for fraud, I don’t know what is. Imagine how many Fake Ballots can be harvested by Liberals on College Campuses?

America needs to vote Amish; voting only on Election Day, on Paper Ballot, with ID and verified Voter Registration. I also think that America should raise the voting age to 25 except for Active Duty Military.

2 months ago

The real FU to republicans is when dead people vote for the dead guy.

Rosemary Marshall
Rosemary Marshall
2 months ago

Good reason for doing away with early voting and mail-ins …

2 months ago

Its not as crazy as it sounds. They vote in the dead guy in order for the party to pick his replacement rather than losing the seat to a republican. Now the Fetterman vote is outright lunacy. The guy is a walking leftist zombie. People just talk about his health but this guy was a whacked out leftist from long ago.

Francis Nadspal
2 months ago

So the voters of Pennsylvania voted for one dead person and one brain dead person….they must be Democrats!