Biggest BS Media Story Today! Cohen Might Not Testify for Fear of His life


Lanny Davis, the lawyer for convicted felon and renowned liar Michael Cohen, and a close friend of the Clintons is hinting that Cohen might not testify before Congress after all. Initially, Cohen said he wanted to testify before Congress to fulfill his commitment to providing the American people with answers.

The truth is that if he had any answers, he wouldn’t be going to jail for several years.

The FBI agents and lawyers in the Southern District of New York who are sending him down the river say he is a congenital liar. They couldn’t trust a thing he said.

The faker now says he might not testify because he is in fear of his life. For crying out loud, who would risk a lifetime in jail for this silly man?

Cohen is afraid after Trump called out his father-in-law. Trump brought up the fact that his father-in-law loaned millions to a cab company mentioned in the subpoena for Cohen’s records last year.

The President told Judge Jeanine one Saturday during her show that Cohen’s father-in-law is in trouble “for some loans and fraud and taxi cabs, and stuff…”

Lanny said because of that and other comments, Cohen fears for his life. What a wuss. In other words, Lanny wants to make Trump out to be a killer.

Maybe Lanny should consider all the dead bodies that pop up around the Clintons instead!

Lanny was hoping that if his client testified before Congress, the NY DA would lessen his long sentence. It was also an opportunity for Lanny to get some punches in to level Trump.

The more realistic reason his client doesn’t want to testify is that, as a congenital liar, he could be responsible for perjury if he lies to Congress. He can’t testify and keep to the truth and will weaken their case against Trump.

The only question in this is who lies more, Lanny Davis or Micahel Cohen?


  1. Cohen might be afraid Putin is going to have him poloniumized.

    Which brings to mind, if Trump was ‘working for Putin’ how come Mueller hasn’t yet been poloiumized?

  2. Is it just possible that Cohen knows that if he testifies under oath that he can be charged with perjury later after it’s proven that he lied? I wouldn’t trust his word if he said the sun was shining outside because he’s like Hillary Clinton with no credibility whatsoever.

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