Biggest Cover Up Going on Now In Maui, Hawaii


There are weird special foreign police showing up in Maui to keep people from seeing what is going on. They have black fences up to block all visibility. You can’t stop your car. There are National Guard, Police, and Special Police who will immediately order you back into your car.

A native of Maui has been taking videos to get information out to people, but the government has sealed off the area. [see the video below]

“Miles and miles of this black fence is going up that was not here before that is obscuring Ground Zero and making sure no one can see what’s going on inside of there from the road. No one can get in there. No one can take any pictures and then I’ve also seen these weird foreign police cars showing up. These special police – I’m not sure what to call them – but there’s quite a large presence of these standing guard around the perimeter.

“We’ve also lost our ability to fly drones really anywhere near this area now. This 20 second clip here …I tried to get out of my car and show what was going on, I was almost immediately, after these 20 seconds, National Guard came, chased me off, and yelled at me. [They] told me to get back in my car and keep moving.

“So you cannot pull over. You can’t even stop your car anywhere near any of this anymore.

The narrator then showed a fairly long clip of the extensive fencing on the western side of the main highway here and there also is the National Guard, some regular police, and what I have dubbed special police, which are these police cars that are foreign-made. The people that are driving them are not… they don’t look like any police I’ve ever seen in the United States.”  [UN?]

“So kind of a bizarre situation, but they have been a huge presence standing guard, ensuring that nothing can be documented. You can’t stop your car, you can’t pull over, you can’t fly a drone, you can’t take a picture, and you can’t get in anywhere near any of this, which is part of what makes the footage that I have so unique.

The narrator/filmmaker plans to come out with some more video that will allow people to compare what it’s like now and what had happened originally.

He’s neglecting his normal job to do these videos, exposingthe attack on freedom and the First Amendment and getting as much of this information out as he can. So he has Zelle that he’s been getting small donations from that has helped him.

Where they’re standing guard, is not even really the perimeter. This is quite far away from what burned and from Ground Zero. So apparently they are concerned that somebody will park or stop their car on the side of the road here and go hiking from miles into this area that’s just ashes and rubble, so it’s very interesting the amount of effort they’re putting into this.”


David Greenfield published an article titled “Fires Burn, Sierra Club Battles to Stop Water from Being Used for Firefighting.” In reading it, it’s shocking how they have chosen to let people die as opposed to letting them have water.

You probably heard that the firemen didn’t have enough water to fight the fires in Maui. They’d go to hydrants, and nothing would come out. That is the direct responsibility of the extreme environmentalists.

The day after the fire started on Maui, The Board of Land and Natural Resources and Alexander and Baldwin filed a petition in the Hawaii Supreme Court saying there’s not enough permitted water to battle the wildfires.

Now mind you Maui is an island. There’s water all around it.

The Hawaii Supreme Court denied the petition, stating the petitioner had “failed to establish a clear and indisputable right to the relief requested.”

They want the water to grow vegetables it’s vegetables over human lives.

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