Bild Report: German – US Secret Ukraine Plan to End the War


Chancellor Scholz and US President Biden want to bring the Russia-Ukraine war to an end soon. Ukraine President Zelensky should be forced to negotiate with Kremlin dictator Putin – and accept brutal compromises.

According to the German newspaper Bild, in an article published on Nov. 24th, the US and Germany “plan to force Zelenskyy to negotiate” by choking off arms supplies. Allegedly, they want to keep the appearance of full support while trying to force Ukraine into negotiations.

Bloomberg reported that Lithuania’s Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis warned that not supplying the necessary weapons would result in forced negotiations.

The minister emphasized that Ukraine, which has been receiving assistance from the EU, would never willingly negotiate with the ‘terrorist’ state, but “reality may prove to be such.”

The German federal government has now set itself the main goal of putting Ukraine in a “strategically good negotiating position,” BILD said.

“The country should negotiate with (Russian dictator) Vladimir Putin’s regime about its ‘sovereignty and territorial integrity.’ The White House and the Chancellery are coordinating on this,” government sources told BILD.

Neither German Chancellor Olaf Scholz nor U.S. President Joe Biden want to call on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to do it directly.

“Zelenskyy should come to the realization that things cannot go on like this,” a German government insider told BILD.

“He should address his nation of his own free will and explain that negotiations need to be carried out.”

Pixaboy image, Ukraine, the war

Allegedly, there is a plan B.

“What Berlin and Washington are striving for as an alternative to negotiations is a frozen conflict, without agreement between the conflicting parties,” the source said.

That would mean that even if Zelensky and Putin don’t (want to) talk to each other, the line of contact would solidify and become closed – a new quasi-border between Ukraine and Russia.

“It’s like Minsk, only without Minsk,” said the insider sarcastically, referring to the fraudulent “peace treaty” between Ukraine and Russia concluded in 2014.

[Germany and the UK never meant for Minsk to be implemented, as per the former Chancellor and PM.]

German CDU party MP Roderich Kiesewetter, a former Bundeswehr (German armed forces) General Staff officer, states that this might be one of the plans.

“It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the Chancellery does not believe in a Ukrainian victory and does not want it at all,” Kiesewetter told BILD.

“The arms package that Pistorius brought to Ukraine is not an expression of the goal of ‘Ukraine must win.’ Rather, it symbolizes that there is so little support that Ukraine is being pushed into negotiations, a ‘Minsk 3.’”

But according to military expert and “ECFR” researcher Gustav Gressel, the plans won’t work because Russia doesn’t want to negotiate. “Putin must win this war.”

“By keeping Ukraine weak, we invite Putin to continue to believe in his victory and work on it. Only when Ukraine gets on the winning track will Russia become willing to negotiate. But Ukraine hasn’t been able to do that, and delayed, non-existent, and far too few small arms deliveries are part of this problem.”

[More arms, more dead Ukrainians. Russia has far more men and far better weapons.]

Germany, the US, and Zelensky denied the report.

When contacted by BILD for the story, the German Federal Chancellery denied that Germany was pursuing its own goals with its support for Ukraine.

“Germany stands firmly on Ukraine’s side. We will support Ukraine for as long as necessary to defend itself against Russian aggression. It is about defending sovereignty and territorial integrity and, therefore, the survival of Ukraine.”

Kiesewetter disagreed and told BILD: “We’re deliberately not delivering what Ukraine needs to liberate occupied territory, such as Taurus or other Leopard 2 battle tanks, but are limiting ourselves to the defense of a rump Ukraine.”

“We are not aware of any conversations with Ukraine about negotiations outside of the peace formula structure,” U.S. State Department Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel said.

Zelensky said in early November, “No one among our partners is pressuring us to sit down with Russia, talk to it, and give it something,”

it’s hard to believe the US would give up a war.

The way American conservatives see it, the US and Germany are fighting for the Ukraine borders while allowing invasions on their own. They are fighting for democracy in an undemocratic nation. The hidden agenda?


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2 months ago

Both sides want another Korea and Israel: a perpetual border/civil dispute-war. To fund their defense industrial tech and demonstrate it to other foreign arms buyers. To prop up tech advances ahead of the “enemies” Russia and China. Whichever side has the best weapons, stays on top globally.
So, Ukraine will be divided like Korea and Israel. Until Russian voters change their leadership, as likely as not.
Russia losing white pop. growth to C. Asian Muslim immigrants will pose doom, to Russia like the E.U. is. Maybe that’s been US plan, to eliminate two major rivals on global stage? China is set to collapse from self infliction, too.

2 months ago

Ukraine is a puppet State created by George S0ros and the US Deep State. Putin was 100% justified in going in to stop the genocide of the ethnic Russian people in the contested provinces, who are majority Russian, and have been getting shelled since 2014. 14K died. Those regions WANT to leave and join Russia. Why should they not be allowed to decide for themselves how to live?

The West also promised Gorbacheve that NATO wouldn’t advance “1 inch East” in the 1990s, but some 20+ countries have joined NATO after that. Putin was also justified in going in to stop Ukraine from joining NATO, because that would mean offensive missiles placed there, just as JFK would’ve been justified in invading Cuba to stop the missile emplacements.

As far as being a “dictator”? Who banned certain Christian Churchs in Ukraine? Who suspended elections? Who shut down all but State-run media? Zelenskyy, that’s who, not Putin.

2 months ago

Can’t go on like this??!?

Should never have freakin’ started! Period!!!

2 months ago

I don’t know who we think we are, but at this point, Russia will accept nothing less than unconditional surrender. Or they’ll be in Keiv next week.