Yikes! ‘Lost & Found’: Little Irish Girl Named Emily Hand


In a somewhat shocking display of cowardice and PC language, the Prime Minister and some newspapers report the rescue of Irish-Israeli girl Emily Hand as a case of lost and found, as if she wandered away and was lost in the woods.

She’s not lost and found. How absurd. She was the victim of terrorists.

The PM said nothing in his X announcement about the Hamas terrorists grabbing this nine-year-old child, kidnapping her, and holding her for 50 days. People thought she was murdered.

As in the rest of the West, if you say anything truthful in a case like this in Ireland, you will be called far right. The first time I noticed this far-right designation illicitly used by the government was in Germany. Anyone who disagreed with the German government was called a Nazi or far-right, which is a very sensitive issue in the country. The practice and the forced PC speech have spread throughout the West and the United States.

No good can come of calling people nasty, hyperbolic names for speaking the truth, thus depriving them of their free speech. The reason the people in power do it is to take control and destroy the opposition.

Ireland doesn’t need to import these fanatics with open borders.

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