Bill Barr Will Jump Off a Bridge If Trump Wins – Is He Lying Again?


When Barr was asked how he would vote if the election is Trump against Biden, Barr said: “I’ll jump off that bridge when I get to it.”

NBC News interviewed 44 of Donald Trump’s Cabinet to find out if they’d support his candidacy. Four said they support his run, and most refused to comment or ignored the requests

Former Attorney General William Barr told NBC that he would jump off a bridge if former President Donald Trump won the GOP.

Bill Barr said: “I have made clear that I strongly oppose Trump for the nomination and will not endorse Trump,” former Attorney General Bill Barr told NBC News.

When Barr was asked how he would vote if the election is Trump against Biden, Barr said: “I’ll jump off that bridge when I get to it.”

Is Bill Barr lying again?

Barr is the person who ignored Antifa and BLM riots, pretended he checked on election integrity but never interviewed witnesses, and knew about Biden’s sketchy behavior.

Donald Trump backers include former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, Mark Meadows, former budget chief Russell Vought, Richard Grenell, and Ben Carson.

Mr. Vought said, “I’ve seen his willingness up close and behind closed doors. My friend and former boss is going to finish what he started.”

Former chief of staff Mick Mulvaney came out against Trump. “I am working hard to make sure that someone else is the nominee,” Mulvaney said. Mulvaney wasn’t for his candidacy when Trump appointed him to OMB. He did a good job but was never a supporter.

 “I think he’s the Republican who is most likely to lose in a general election of all our leading candidates. If anyone can lose to Joe Biden, it would be him.”

Ben Carson, Trump’s former housing director, said, “Donald Trump is my friend and would make a fantastic president, and if I have an announcement to make about 2024, I’ll look forward to doing so in an appropriate way.”

Former defense secretary Mark Esper told CNN in an interview earlier this month that he believes Trump is not “fit for office because he puts himself first, and I think anybody running for office should put the country first.”

Some said we should take the charges against him seriously, and where Trump will be after the primary.

“There are probably some uneasy with what they saw,” said Julian Zelizer, a history professor at Princeton University. “But for many others, especially given the DeSantis factor, they are hedging their bets.”

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