Sen. Coons Declares “Not One Shred of Evidence” Against Joe


Sen. Chris Coons fibbed on Meet the Press Sunday when host Chuck Todd asked if Joe should directly state he had “no business dealings with my son. My son’s issues are my son’s issues.”

Coons’ answer was remarkably untrue.

“Let’s be clear about that point, Chuck; there’s been a five-year investigation – five years – by a Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney. This investigation started during the Trump administration, and they have come forward with not one shred of evidence tying President Biden to any of this,” declared Senator Coons.

He didn’t even blink when he said it.

Democrats think the best defense is an aggressive offense, even if one must lie.

There is a lot of evidence here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and you get the idea.

And who can forget the following tape recording? Watch:

Joe Biden repeatedly denied knowing anything about Hunter’s international business deals. And Hunter could have been lying about his father being in the room, but he was at his father’s house that day.

A photo taken that day shows Hunter and Joe were at the Biden family’s Wilmington, Delaware home.

Bank records now show that the Chinese oligarch, Henry Zhao, sent $5.1 million to the Bidens within ten days of the threat. Hunter then moved $1 million to Uncle Jim Biden.

The IRS says that the agency acquired the message from Hunter Biden to Henry Zhao, the CEO of Harvest Fund Management, on July 30, 2017.

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