Bill Nelson Schemes to Get Some of the Hurricane Relief Dollars


Democrats are the party of the rich. All one has to do is look at their PACS. The wealthiest PACs contribute to Democrats. One of those PACS is serving as a conduit for dollars to Bill Nelson while masquerading as hurricane relief.

What a scheme!

Nelson is running to keep his seat in the Senate against the popular Governor Rick Scott.

The PAC, ActBlue is radical left. It’s mission statement is to “empower small-dollar donors.”

It is an independent software non-profit that has been used to raise over two billion dollars for Democrats and their causes since 2004.

Washington Free Beacon reported:

Sen. Bill Nelson (D., Fla.) on Wednesday sent out an email encouraging people to donate money for hurricane disaster relief with a list of nonprofit groups that provide aid, but he did not disclose that the links for each group direct users to the website of ActBlue, an organization that helps Democrats raise money and saves donor emails for future fundraising efforts.

Instead of directing people to send money to actual disaster relief funds, he sent everyone to the shady PAC.

His state of Florida was devastated by Hurricane Michael and he’s fundraising off it. ActBlue takes a nice fee for every donation and uses it for people like him.


ActBlue is a pass-through platform for liberal/leftist candidates.

While Nelson’s post listed real disaster relief charities, most of the ActBlue’s sponsored charitable groups, according to InfluenceWatch, are “charities” with names like this:

He’s not thinking of the people in his state, he’s thinking of how he can use them. Nice work Bill!

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