Black intellectual explains how ‘white guilt’ harms the black community


“Black Americans, we come from a great people. After all, we endured four centuries of the worst oppression known to mankind. We’re a great people.”

~ Dr. Shelby Steele

Dr. Shelby Steele, a black scholar, says that America hurt blacks with past sins and now again with ‘white guilt.’ He said Joe Biden, who spoke at George Floyd’s funeral today, is translating the pain of blacks into moral vanity he thinks will translate into votes.

He asks, Does Biden know anything about difficulties blacks face now, many of which have nothing to do with racism?

Dr. Steele compared it to segregation. It too exploited blacks and either way blacks end up dependent on people like Joe Biden, Democrat liberalism. Blacks are trained to see their opportunities through them and blacks have to pressure them to make our lives better. It’s not something we do ourselves, he said.

He would like to hear something positive. They come from “a great people’ who endured four centuries of the worst oppression known to man, he said, adding that what happened in Minneapolis is an “obvious tragedy.” But it’s not something that is going to interrupt our greatness and it tells us that we have to be the engineers, the agents of our fate in America. “We need to respect ourselves.”

He rejected “white guilt” and the “corrupt symbiosis with white guilt.” He believes there has never been a better opportunity for blacks than now. He knows racism and segregation intimately but it’s over with. It pops up but there are opportunities everywhere and blacks need to give up the feelings of victimization and be free.

Steele wants to see the black youth embrace freedom. It’s not what anyone gives to you, it’s what you give to it.

He elaborated on ‘white guilt’ and the power it gives those who use it. Dr. Steele briefly lists what it has wrought and explains it’s pushed blacks backward. Blacks are tools of these politicians.

Children don’t have fathers and that is the problem, he asserts.

He says much more, and this is a very worthwhile interview.


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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
3 years ago

Funny how most if not all White dominated countries outlawed slavery but many Black dominated African countries which Blacks in America seem so proud of still practice it, yet we’re the racists.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Speaks with integrity and truthfulness, not on his knees begging any Liberal politician to save him with a government program.

Truth Is Crime
Truth Is Crime
3 years ago