Blackface Northam Pardons Pedo State Senator – a Dem


Former Governor Ralph ‘Coonman’ Northam pardoned a Democrat who was jailed for underage sex crimes in his final act as Virginia governor.

Northam pardoned Democrat state senator Joe Morrissey, who was charged for having a sexual relationship with his 17-year-old law firm receptionist, a Black girl named Myrna, when he was 57 years old. That was 2014. He married the girl when she turned 18.

They have four children already.

Here they are with their bad costume ideas.

Richmond Dispatch reported that Morrissey said he learned of the pardon on Thursday. Northam granted him what’s called a simple pardon.

“To say that I was extremely pleased with what the governor did would be, perhaps for me, the understatement of the 2022 General Assembly session,” he said.

“Most importantly, my wife is grateful,” he said.

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