Bleak news: Consumer prices rise 5.3% annually in August


The Labor Department announced on Tuesday that the consumer price index rose 5.3% year over year last month.

Prices rose 5.4% in July. Forbes spun the slight decrease as a sign that inflation might be cooling off. Even if it is, which is doubtful, the trillions of dollars that Democrats plan to spend will destroy that.

Prices rose .3% month over month.

There still is a supply and labor shortage. When that eases off, we might see improvement, but when will it?

At the same time, 66% of small business say the labor shortage is getting worse by 7%, so how does the supply improve?

In July, only 50% of all small business owners said they’re having trouble finding the right help. That figure jumped to 59% last month, and now has gone up another 7% to 66%.

And the sectors that suffered the most earlier this summer are also in worse shape when it comes to hiring now. Here’s a summary of our industry findings from Alignable’s September Hiring Poll.

CNBC actually reported that if you take out food and energy, it’s only 1%. Of course, without food and energy, we can’t live.


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Gristle Steaks Two For A Dollar
Gristle Steaks Two For A Dollar
2 years ago

Petrol is hanging tough at $3 and isn’t that odd how four corners of gas stations all have the same price?
Meat is almost a luxury with HQ steak/roast being in the 20+ range but this is part of the you’ll live in a pod and eat bugs with a happy face you serf plan courtesy of Schwab and tranny Gill Bates.
Thankfully the local US HWY area has many choices with Aldi out of Deutschland having some decent prices if you don’t mind waiting as there is only one clerk, you must bring your own bag and cart rental is twenty five cents.
The big box marts have let up on the obedience muzzle with a ‘we strongly recommend’ you wear a submission mask.
There is an “organic” grocery that is like shopping at Nieman-Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue but they stay open late.
Humanity has grown too soft and stupid and will now pay a heavy price but isn’t it worth it to be ride of the bad orange tweets? (sarc)

2 years ago

The only reliable measure of the CPI is furnished by John williams’ Shadow Statistics that accurately records the real CPI at 8.7 percent and rapidly climbing with an expectation of 10% by year’s end.This is based on the original methods used by the feds until Clinton “revised” them to disguise the damage inflicted by his and subsequent policies. The correct Producer’s Price Index or the rate of wholesale price increase which will soon be reflected in retail prices is not the federal figure of 8.5% but closer to 13%. We are nearing hyperinflation. Hope you are prepared.