Blinken: Hamas Attack & Israeli Offensive Are Human Rights Concerns


The United States administration seems to draw a moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas, a terror organization, in a new report. They produced a report that says they are both guilty of human rights abuses.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken emphasized both Hamas’s October 7 onslaught and the subsequent war Israel launched to defeat the terror group in the State Department’s 2023 human rights report.

“Hamas’s horrific attacks on Israel on October 7 last year and the devastating loss of civilian life in Gaza as Israel exercises its right to ensure that those attacks never happen again have raised deeply troubling human rights concerns,” Blinken said.

The Israel chapter of the human rights report begins with the large-scale attack launched by Hamas on October 7, “killing an estimated 1,200 individuals, injuring more than 5,400 and abducting 253 hostages.”

“Israel responded with a sustained, wide-scale military operation in Gaza, which had killed more than 21,000 Palestinians and injured more than 56,000 by the end of the year, displaced the vast majority of Palestinians in Gaza, and resulted in a severe humanitarian crisis,” the report says.

The Blinken report added that they want to stop the war, which is a laudable goal, but Hamas won’t.

“We continue to work every day to bring the fighting to an end, to secure the release of hostages held by Hamas and other groups, to uphold international humanitarian law, to prevent further suffering, to create a path toward a more peaceful and secure future for Israelis and Palestinians alike,” Blinken added.

We should interject here that all casualties and injuries reported come solely from Hamas. Times of Israel reports:

“The continuing conflict had a significant negative impact on the human rights situation in the country.” The State Department declined to say what its source was for the 2023 Palestinian death count from the Gaza war, but it appeared to rely on the Hamas-run health ministry, whose figures have not been independently verified and include some 13,000 Hamas gunmen Israel says it has killed in battle.

The Biden regime has no interest in peace in Ukraine, but it doesn’t get them votes, as does ending the Hamas-Israel war.

Blinken claimed he did not apply a double standard to Israel. He said he is applying the same standard. In other words, a terror organization that started a war with a horrific attack gets the same treatment as an ally.

“As this report makes clear, we apply the same standard to everyone, and that doesn’t change whether the country in question is an adversary, competitor, a friend or an ally,” the secretary said.

It should be noted that Israel warns the people of impending attacks.

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