DOJ-Biden-Obama Attorney in Bragg’s Case: Matthew Colangelo


Matthew Colangelo is the hyperbolic prosecutor who gave the opening statements in the Manhattan case against Donald Trump by calling the former president’s ‘crime’ a catch-and-kill when it is a simple Non-Disclosure Agreement and campaign finance case with a tacked-on paperwork error. The error signed onto 34 times is one error, not 34. It’s an old case turned down by the federal prosecutors, and it would be a federal misdemeanor if there were a misdemeanor. The Soros-DA Alvin Bragg turned it into 34 felonies. Based on circumstantial evidence, Colangelo appears to be a DOJ plant.

Colangelo, the Department of ‘Justice’ Plant?

Matthew Colangelo previously worked in the New York Attorney General’s office, where he helped prosecute various cases involving Trump, including one that led to the dissolution of Trump’s former charity, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, after prosecutors alleged it illegally coordinated with Trump’s 2016 campaign

Colangelo also served as lead prosecutor in the New York Attorney General’s 2018 case against the Trump administration’s unsuccessful attempt to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census, which opponents argued was done so to deter non-citizens from participating and reduce the population count—and potentially representation in Congress—in Democratic strongholds where there are typically more non-citizens.

Not only that, Colangelo has represented Barack Obama and Joe Biden. This is blatant collusion, and they aren’t trying to hide it. Watch Colangelo, you won’t believe this guy:

Before working in the New York Attorney General’s office, Colangelo was the acting associate attorney general at the Department of Justice. The Harvard Law School alumnus also worked in the Obama administration as a deputy assistant to the president, deputy director of the National Economic Council, and Labor Department chief of staff.

Each time he stepped down to go after Trump, he took a pay cut, but we imagine his reward is coming.

I thought you should hear the comparison between the Roger Stone trial and Donald Trump’s. It sounds as if the DOJ did a dry run with Stone. I decided to tape it instead of writing it out:

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