BLM marched through suburbs of Portland, screaming, cursing in the dead of night


Businesses are fleeing downtown Portland over the nightly BLM and antifa riots.

“Businesses are leaving,” Andrew Hoan, president, and CEO of the Portland Business Alliance (PBA) told KATU.

“The financial consequences to the downtown corridor are a running calculation that is almost impossible to wrap your mind around,” he added, going on to say that one company already has said that the riots have cost $20 million in damage and lost business.

“You have blocks and blocks of plywood. You have graffiti,” he said.

He continued, “You have an accumulation of damages that are unrepaired, an ongoing perception that coming downtown is not a safe place,” Hoan continued. “We need to start to turn the corner now so that this sort of irreparable damage does not last.”

It’s complete mayhem. These rioters are terrorists and criminals.

‘Wake up mother f—ers’

Black Lives Matter marched through residential areas of Portland last night shining lights through their windows screaming, ‘wake up mother f**kers.’ At the same time, antifa were setting fires, throwing feces, and other projectiles at police. They attacked police with shields.

Andy Ngo recorded the scenes through the neighborhoods of quaint homes owned by innocent Americans.

The lunatics screamed that they were living on stolen lands.

On the 85th night of extreme rioting, BLM marched through waving Black Lives Matter flags, armed with flashlights, laser pointers, and more, shouting vulgarities at the local residents.



One demonstrator told the Oregonian, “The goal right now is to disrupt the peace. If you’re here right now, you need to be loud. You need to be exhausted. Because we’re exhausted.”

Protesters held signs reading, “Black Lives Matter,” “Abolish the Police,” “Reparations,” and “Silence Perpetuates Violence.”

They chanted “No cops, no KKK, no fascist USA” and “My neck, my back, we gonna take these streets back.”

As the protests progressed, federal protective services officers took to the streets and made an official announcement warning demonstrators of arrest or use of crowd control tactics if the group got out of hand.

Portland police later arrived at the scene and discovered rioters attempting to break into the building and setting fires.

“Police said some demonstrators threw rocks, cones, glass bottles, and paint balloons at officers during the protest,” the outlet reported. “Some in the crowd also shined green lasers at officers, police said. Three people were arrested and booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center.”

Some threw feces at officers.

Can you imagine these men and women of the Portland police department having to go to work each night to face this?


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