BLM marches all over Long Island – updated (videos)




Black Lives Matter came to Long Island Sunday and they are well-trained to chant, scream, and take advantage of photo-ops. They weren’t all from Long Island. There were charter buses in the mall parking lot across the street from one rally.

This was Black Lives Matter in Smithtown (it’s apparently racist to say, ‘all lives matter,’ and chant ‘USA’):


Newsday interviewed a couple of people who said they are afraid for their black sons at night, suggesting police here are racists. That is a bald-faced lie. A pastor claimed police brutality is a problem, but that too is not representative of Long Island. Our police are very pro-community.

Our Suffolk Police are the best and these people are smearing them.

Newsday quoted the Democrat Nassau County Executive Laura Curran who said it was “mostly peaceful.” That’s the buzzword. Ten arrests of people 15 to 59 were made in Nassau alone and at least one police sergeant was injured and will require ankle surgery, according to Newsday.

People marched under the BLM banner. They are demanding the defunding of police.

There were counter-protesters in Smithtown but Newsday didn’t bother speaking with them. They spoke with one Black Lives Matter gentleman who said he was “disgusted” by racial slurs as they walked. That is so unlikely, I can’t begin to tell you how much. It’s just not done at these rallies.

One woman said she marched with her four grandsons who were born “poor and black” and have had a target on their back. All of that does not agree with the reality on the ground. The police do NOT target here and our welfare is unbelievably generous. The woman is a nurse and it’s not likely she’s poor. Nurse’s salaries on Long Island are high.

Poor people here are usually poor due to gangs and drugs.

If I ever doubted the Black Lives Matter movement was a fraud, I doubt no longer.

On Saturday, about a hundred showed up at a local corner opposite where local residents stand with flags. The Black Lives Matter cursed, screamed, and were ill-behaved.

On Sunday, in Suffolk, the BLM marchers in one town were screaming, cursing, throwing water bottles at residents standing by the side of the road.

They like to wield their slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’ like a cudgel. Of course, black lives matter but hate groups are not good for America.

White ultra-liberal/leftist organizers keep the crowd riled up. Here’s a brief clip of one of the unruly Sunday events:


I was told by one person that he saw only peaceful rallies and racial slurs were thrown at them. The event photo looked like it was just a community event by sincere people.

The problem is that BLM is a police hate group with a communist agenda and they were wild in other locales. People should not be marching with them because of a catchy slogan.

This gentleman has it exactly right:

This story was also updated to include the Smithtown video

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