BLM NY prez wants radical change, will take matters into his own hands


Black Lives Matter NY President Hawk Newsom recently made waves when he told Fox News host Martha MacCallum that if he didn’t get what he wanted, he’d burn it all down. He became somewhat evasive when she questioned him as to how literal he meant it.

He’s not evasive in this VICE video below. He’s clear. He will shove legislation down politicians throats and if he doesn’t get what he wants, he will indeed “burn it all down.”

His radical sister is running for Congress and he’s working on the radical Communist organization, BLM.

Newsom wants ‘equity’ for black people, not ‘equality.’ In other words, he wants things given that have not been earned — reparations.

One of his plans is to form a Black O.P.T.S., so-called peace officers who will police the police.

That’s just great. Radical communists, lawless men questioning every move the police make.

They want radical change so they are taking matters into their own hands.




  1. Grow up and work together with everyone white black or whatever you radical people are just ignorant and have no respect for lives or property if its so bad here leave the COUNTRY your nothing but I WANT I WANT
    you have equality but you never are happy and hurting and violating other peoples rights is not EQUALITY WAKE UP IDIOTS you are destroying your country and peoples property disgusting behavior is not the way to win any arguement

  2. This is one dangerous fella that needs to be erased from the face of the earth before he can incite others to engage in massive murder and destruction. Can you imagine ht millions of innocent lives that would have been saved if Hitler, Lenin, Stalin,Mao, and Castro had been proactively neutralized?

  3. What happened to the Sedition Laws? Do they not exist any more? See lots of candidates for prosecution under the law for sedition. Maybe?
    Other than that, this nitwit and his cohorts need one-way tickets to South Africa to experience the beauty of their “motherland”. Apparently.
    These folks are not bright enough to realize that if the revolution does take place, and is successful, they will be the first ones in front of the communist firing squads. Study history, fools. See your future if you continue to preach your hate. Might wanna study such countries as Cuba, Venezuela, etc.
    Just a word of advice.

  4. “Don’t swallow the Communist BS pill America” !

    Cuban immigrant Maximo Alvarez issued a stark warning to Americans last week during a roundtable meeting last week with President Donald Trump. According to Alvarez, the President of Sunshine Gasoline, the American Dream is at risk of being destroyed by the Left. The tactics that are being used are the same ones he saw in Communist Cuba when he was 11-years-old. .

  5. Changes in the law should be done with the gentlest of touches. Over response, is common as it is seen here, and the results will be bad, as usual

  6. The commie and Marxist keynote speakers know how to work their useful idiot mobs up into a ‘dangerous’ frenzy! They want their own black nation/power that allows criminals to run free, so someone please donate land to BLM and build a border wall around it.

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