BLM protester hit by mayor or staged?


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The mayor of Phoenix, Oregon, is under investigation after a woman said he struck her with his car during a Black Lives Matter protest in Medford. The Washington Post and other hard-left outlets are blowing it up, claiming he drove into protesters.

The reason I even bother posting this story is that one of the tactics Occupy Wall Street protesters were trained in is to make it look as if police are abusing them for photo-ops. We’re wondering if that is what this woman was doing. She was very loud and appeared to be riling up the crowd.


Mikala Johnston made the accusation against Chris Luz in a Phoenix commission meeting earlier this week. Johnston spoke directly to the mayor, who was leading the meeting.

She was one of hundreds of Black Lives Matter marchers on the streets of Medford Oregon on June 1.

The protesters went on to a street that was not blocked. She claims she noticed a car coming at her “at a less than comfortable speed,” she said. [The driver was crawling along with other drivers]

Video of the incident shows the driver of a yellow sedan keeping pace with the march, repeatedly blaring the horn. Johnston turned and stopped, holding up a sign.

She said, “He then proceeds to drive his car right past me, hitting me with the front left of his vehicle and again with the side view mirror,” Johnston said at the meeting. “I couldn’t believe this man would avoid slightly turning his wheel to not hit me. He then proceeded to try to drive through a crowd of peaceful protesters.”

The contact between Johnston and the vehicle occurred at a low speed.

Someone jumped on the hood of his car prior to that and after that.

The woman knew who he was — a mayor from a neighboring town who they do not like.

Soon after, another protester briefly hops on the hood of the car and the driver jumps out, with an argument ensuing. A person in the crowd can be heard shouting “It’s Chris Luz,” while others yell “he’s the mayor of Phoenix.”

Luz returns to his car as demonstrators surround the front of the car. He eventually re-emerges, yelling at protesters that he’s on their side but also complaining they dented the hood of his car. Shortly after, demonstrators continue their march.

Start at about 6:15. The ‘victim’ is the one in the yellow shirt with a red scarf:

The woman in yellow with a red scarf was screaming before the ‘incident.’ The mayor was honking his horn non-stop and that could have annoyed her. In the clip, it looks like she walked carefully and slightly right into the path of his car–deliberately, and bumped his car with her hip twice.

She wasn’t hurt.

Watch in slow and then normal speed and tell us what you think:


The narrative out there is that I was ‘accelerating’ into protesters [but] if you carefully look at the video, I was crawling along at a rate of speed slower than any other car out there, literally crawling along so slow that walkers were passing me,” he said. “So the narrative that I ‘plowed into protesters is completely and utterly false.”

Luz claims that the pedestrian woman who filed the complaint against him stepped slightly to the left while she was in the road, causing a minor collision between his front bumper and car mirror.

The mayor said he was at the scene because he was returning from an oil change when he and other drivers around him encountered protesters in and around the streets of Medford.

Luz said that many of the protesters in Medford were peaceful, calling for others in the streets to move out of the way from vehicles to avoid further traffic jams.

He called for the public to be patient and allow the investigation to run its course over the matter, adding, “I am confident that I will be cleared of any wrongdoing. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

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