Bloomberg Explains Where the “Newcomers” Are Living


The White House now refers to the anonymous illegal aliens pouring in as “newcomers.” Bloomberg calls them newcomers also. Americans might like to know where they are going. As you can imagine, they’re going to leftist regions, but red states aren’t safe either. They’re everywhere.

“Much of the angst around the impact of newly arrived migrants to the US has focused on the biggest cities in New York, Illinois, and Colorado, and immigration court records suggest that those states are indeed among the most affected by the surge. The data also signal that Texas and Florida, which have long complained about the costs of absorbing newcomers, are still among the top destinations of migrants,” Bloomberg reports.

Once they vote, Republicans will never win another presidential election.

Bloomberg dutifully calls them “asylum seekers” as well as “newcomers.” They’re fanning out all over the country in blue and red states.

They’re heading for rural areas where they will one day vote for socialist Democrats.

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