Donald Trump Swept Missouri Caucus, Spoiler Nikki Gets O%


Donald Trump won Missouri’s Republican caucuses, one of three events Saturday that will award delegates for the GOP presidential nomination.

Michigan is divided but agreed to award its delegates to Donald Trump.

Nikki Haley still hasn’t won any primaries. In fact, she came in after “none of these candidates” in Nevada. She won’t drop out.

“The next event on the Republican calendar is Sunday in the District of Columbia. Two days later is Super Tuesday, when 16 states will hold primaries on what will be the largest day of voting of the year outside of the November election. Trump is on track to lock up the nomination days later.”

Trump has won six states: Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Michigan, Missouri and South Carolina.

Idaho results are in. Trump won 84.6% to 13.5%.

Never Nikki held a rally of alleged organic supporters in North Carolina.

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