Bloomberg on letting old people die to save money


Moneybags Michael Bloomberg wants to kill grandmas with cancer because they are too expensive to keep alive. He is running for president. Who else does he want to kill?

The government should be in charge of this mass slaughter of elderly men and women who’ve been diagnosed with cancer die. That’s money that could be spent on youth.

“All of these costs just keep going up,” he says in the clip below. “Nobody wants to pay any more money. And at the rate we’re going, healthcare is going to bankrupt us. So not only do we have a problem, …we’ve got to sit here and say which things we’re gonna do and which things we’re not. Nobody wants to do that.”

He will, however, have no problem deciding who lives or dies. He’s evil.

“If you show up with prostate cancer, you’re 95 years old, [we] should say go and enjoy, you’ve lived a long life, there’s no cure,” Bloomberg continues. “We can’t do anything. If you’re a young person, we should do something about it. Society’s not willing to do that, yet.”

Society is so dumb, but if you vote for Bloomberg, he will kill your beloved grandma and grandpa. He is so much smarter than society, and amoral people like him can pull all those plugs.

Watch the horrible Bloomberg:


Here are just a few of the responses.

Even hard-left Shaun King isn’t impressed.


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