Bloomberg plans to buy Trump’s defeat in November, there goes Samoa


Michael Bloomberg has decided to form a new group to take on President Donald Trump, an aide to the former New York mayor told CNN.

He plans to buy the President’s defeat. Oh, well, I guess the President will lose American Samoa. Samoa is the only region Bloomberg won in his presidential bid and it cost him over $600 million. He didn’t win any states.

Bloomberg ended his campaign on Wednesday and threw his support behind former Vice President Joe Biden. But his aide says the group Bloomberg plans to build will focus on supporting the Democratic nominee and opposing Trump, not helping Biden in the primary. The group will also support down-ballot Democrats.

Bloomberg will spend some of his vast fortune via this new group to defeat Trump and back Democrats. Bloomberg is worth well over $60 billion, according to estimates.

The independent expenditure, the aide said, will deploy hundreds of staffers from his presidential campaign to six key swing states: Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Bloomberg believes these six states will decide the election. They are states Trump won in 2016.

The name, scope, and budget for the organization has yet to be determined, the aide added.

Bloomberg will also continue to fund Hawkfish, the digital operation that propelled his months-long presidential campaign, the aide said. The group will operate as a separate entity, as it did through the campaign, but Bloomberg will be the main client. Hawkfish will possibly level the data playing field.

It is corrupt to buy an election, and this is exactly what he did in Virginia. He bought elections and helped turn the state deep blue with ads, TV spots, events, and so on. That, along with the redistricting, is what did it. Can he do the same nationally?

Bloomberg is the man who said Red China’s President Xi is not a dictator and that communists listen to the people.


Does the commie have a point? He does make some good points at times but his solutions will destroy the country.

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