Bluesky’s Coming! Dorsey’s Twitter Rival to Launch Soon


Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s new Bluesky Social app is now accepting users for beta testing and is set to launch “soon.”

The plan is for it to rival Twitter (TWTR). And have Twitter as a client that uses Bluesky’s underlying protocol eventually. It also intends to challenge Facebook (META), Instagram, and Snapchat.

Bluesky will have a decentralized social network protocol.

On Tuesday, Bluesky announced the roadmap of its decentralized social network protocol.

Importantly, it says user data will be free from governmental influence and controlled by users rather than commercialized by a corporation.

The app’s code will allow user account data to be moved from platform to platform. Bluesky users will be able to use their account to log in to any social media account that adopts the new code. So a single account will give them access to all of their favorite social media.

Furthermore, the owners of those applications would not have control over Bluesky users’ data.
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They will put the content on top of a blockchain. Blockchain allows for all users to have control, and it’s immutable. It’s been used in cryptocurrency.

The development team said the protocol “will allow for account portability, algorithmic choice, interoperability, and performance.”

Dorsey said Bluesky Social would be “a competitor to any company trying to own the underlying fundamentals for social media or the data of the people using it.”

Dorsey said Twitter could also use the underlying structure of the protocol being designed. He added: “The goal is for Twitter to ultimately be a client of this standard.”

The development of the new protocol will be conducted in the spirit of transparency and decentralization.

Dorsey has said: “The work must be done transparently in the open, not owned by any single private corporation, furthering the open and decentralized principles of the internet.”

The development team tweeted: “The AT Protocol is a new federated social network. It integrates ideas from the latest decentralized technologies into a simple, fast, and open network.”

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