Bolshevik Bernie admits he hasn’t a clue how much his freebies will cost


Bernie Sanders admitted on ’60 Minutes’ this evening that he has no idea how much it will cost to abolish the private health care system and implement Medicare for All.

Anderson Cooper explained that everybody’s taxes will go up, including the poor and middle class.

Bernie tried to convince the viewers that billionaires will pay for all his freebies. He claims he has a price tag, but when questioned, he can’t tell you the costs.

Bernie agreed with Anderson that healthcare for all will cost about $30 trillion over ten years, but he can’t even say that. We don’t know how many illegal aliens will come into the country and benefit from this freebie.


Bolshevik Bernie is a millionaire with three beautiful homes, and he flies around in jets, burning fossil fuel. He’s a fraud.

His comrade, avowed socialist [communist] wore a pricey designer dress on The View. She is a fraud as well.

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