Bolsonaro Supporters Call on the Military to Invoke Art. 142 – Coup in the Air


According to recent reports from alternative media, the Brazilian military stands with Jair Bolsonaro and is ready to invoke Article 142 to save the nation from an alleged rigged election.

Article 142 says that the military is “guaranteeing constitutional powers” under the “supreme authority of the president.”

Reporter Emerald Robinson reports the military is preparing to support Bolsonaro.


Other reports say the military will not support invoking Art. 142. OCCRP reports Brazil’s military commanders do not intend to intervene in the election. They have said that the solutions to Brazil’s disputes must come from the democratic rule of law while affirming the right to peaceful protest.

The winner of the election, Lula, is a criminal. Oddly, his party lost seats in the Parliament as he allegedly won, and there were some reported irregularities in the election.

Many Brazilians don’t want to end up like Venezuela and just don’t believe Lula could have won. They are flooding into the streets.

Bolsonaro supporters have organized multiple protests across the country. Some have blocked roads, and truckers have threatened to strike in support of the outgoing president.

Joe Biden quickly congratulated Lula da Silva – a communist who says he’s a socialist and is closely tied to the World Economic Forum – on his election to let Brazil know a coup would cost them a lot financially.

The Biden regime sure loves its dictators.

Since his election loss, Bolsonaro has only addressed the nation twice, to say that the protests are legitimate and encourage them to continue, as long as they don’t prevent people from coming and going, ABC News Go reports.

Lula’s supporters say Bolsonaro has a very radical base.

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6 months ago

Bravo to the Brazilian military, and may you succeed quickly and emphatically! We here in America are all too aware that our own military is shamefully, willingly, subjugated to the will of the Elites (of whom the brass are all card-carrying members), so we have no hope at all. But … bully for you, and may you carry it through!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
6 months ago

The Brazilian military and police face a major purge if the communist crooks take over. They are participating in the protests. This is not the weak and failed USA.

Courts are refusing to turn over the voting machines, source code and vote tabulations. There are the biggest protests in world history underway in support of Bolsonaro.

The OCCRP article has a vague reference with no context. It is not a Brazilian publication.

I conclude based on the above that the vote was a farce and the military will nullify the election.

6 months ago

A Brazilian coup is in the air? It already happened!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
6 months ago
Reply to  D3F1ANT

Yes, the fraudulent election was the coup. Since the military has the legal right in law to intervene, Article 142 invocation cannot by definition be a coup.