Boston Considers Giving Voting Rights to “Legal, Non-US Citizens”


The Boston Globe reported that Boston is considering giving foreigners voting rights. In other words, this far-left city wants to take away your vote by giving it to people with no stake in keeping the USA a sovereign nation.

Boston’s City Council is holding a hearing Tuesday to consider allowing all immigrants here as permanent residents, on visas, with DACA or DAPA, and so on, to vote and determine government – municipal – policies.

The President of the council, the far-left Andrea Campbell requested the meeting.

Andrea Campbell

This would cover at least 190,000 foreigners, 28 percent of their population.

Inclusion, Taxes, and Other Lies

The excuse is to make city elections more “inclusive.”

It also says non-US citizens paid $116 million in state and local taxes and generated over $3.4 billion in spending according to a 2015 city report.

Taxes have nothing to do with citizenship and the value of a vote. No nation in the world would do this. Taxes are paid because they have the privilege of living here. It doesn’t give them the right to decide who we are and will be as a city, state, or nation.

If North Koreans, Iranians, Russians, Chinese are here legally — they could vote. Is that okay with you? Democrats want this nationwide. Since they are never satisfied, once they get enough locales going this way, it will move to states and then federal elections. This is how sanctuary cities went out of control. No one stopped them at inception.

Democrats pretend they are the party of various “victimized” identity groups. They have been successful in whitewashing their past history of slavery and Jim Crow laws to claim the black vote. Along with the many identity groups, they say they are the party of immigrants.

This effort is not supportive of immigrants. It’s an effort to steal the vote from Republicans and Libertarians. Democrats prey on immigrants and exploit them. Everything they do is to give them power and money. They are the Socialists and Communists of today.

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