Brain Abscesses Increase in One NV County – The CDC Is on the Case


Brain abscesses in children in one county in Nevada tripled. Dr. Panda says the CDC is investigating but won’t consider the obvious. Instead, they are trying to make a case for not wearing masks long enough and the made-up theory of immunity debt – despite research that points to the opposite conclusion.

Brain abscesses are not typically reportable conditions, so doctors are not required to report them to public health departments. This means we do not have accurate data on the number of cases occurring, Dr. Panda states on his substack.

The Nevada county’s sole pediatric neurosurgeon said there were 18 cases reported. Usually, there are 4-5.

Don’t expect the CDC to figure out what’s going on, says Dr. Panda.

Dr. Jessica Penney, the CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service officer assigned to the investigation, can’t find anything to link the cases. Dr. Penny has looked at travel, a history of COVID-19 infection, underlying health, and any common activities or exposures. She is baffled.

One of Dr. Penny’s ideas is that removing mask mandates contributed to the increase in cases. It’s absolutely absurd. Forgetting about all of the evidence that masks do not effectively control the spread of COVID-19, cases were already above ‘normal’ at the time the mandates were lifted.

“More likely it’s the dirty unchanged masks being worn all the time by children,” says Dr. Panda.

Dr. Panda wants to know why Dr. Penney and the CDC don’t release vaccination data on these children. Were they vaccinated? If they were unvaccinated, we would know. Read the entire piece on Dr. Panda’s substack.

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Mike Anstrom
Mike Anstrom
9 months ago

My first question would be, “did they get the clot shot?”