Brazil’s Justice de Moraes Investigates Elon Musk for Crimes


Earlier, we explained that Elon Musk had refused to delete popular accounts on X because the administration had said the posters were lying.

The fascism of the Lula administration has no limits. They are looking into Elon Musk for “obstruction of justice” and “incitement to crime.” I could see Joe Biden abandoning Mr. Musk. People don’t realize how dangerous these administrations are and the direction they are headed.

Mr. Musk refused to delete accounts the administration didn’t like.

The alleged crimes are Dolous criminal instrumentalization of the social network of X, obstruction of justice, and refusal to follow a judicial order.

These are absurd charges. They are looking to seize X and Starlink in Brazil. I suspect our intelligence services are involved in this.

Remember this:

If it sounds like Soviet Russia, it’s because it is. Mr. Musk is a free-speech hero.

Elon Musk is not backing down.

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