Breaking…Sen Manchin suggests he will agree to abolish the filibuster


Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (WV) is the only thing standing in the way of complete anarchy. He had said he was opposed to eliminating the filibuster but appears to be changing his mind if his comments on two news shows on Sunday can be believed.

It only takes 51 votes to get rid of a filibuster which requires 60 votes for most Senate bills. When it’s gone, Democrats can push through anything they want — HR1, gun control, endless spending. They will destroy us in months.

During the interviews on Sunday, Manchin repeatedly claimed that he was not open to ending the filibuster and then messaged that he was open to changing it. That is so typical of him, and he will relent. He always relents because he’s a weasel.


Fox News Sunday

Fox News host Chris Wallace asked Manchin if he would consider “reforming the filibuster” if “Republicans just won’t go along with anything.”

“The filibuster should be painful,” Manchin said. “It really should be painful. And we’ve made it more comfortable over the years, not intentionally, [maybe] it just evolved into that. Maybe it has to be more painful. Maybe you have to stand there. There’s things we can talk about.”

“You would consider making it harder to invoke the filibuster so that you just don’t automatically have 60 votes that you need for any legislation?” Wallace pressed.

“I’d make it harder to get rid of the filibuster,” Manchin claimed. “I’m supporting the filibuster. I’m going to continue to support the filibuster. I think it defines who we are as a Senate. I’ll make it harder to get rid of it, but it should be painful if you want to use it. You should make sure the place works to where, okay, I want to work with you, how can we do this, how do we move forward?”

Progressive TPM editor Josh Marshall said that Manchin is apparently adopting the talking points that leftists are pushing in their attempts to combat the filibuster.

“Key from Manchin. Filibuster reformers have been saying consistently that change will only come if it can be packaged as ‘saving’ the filibuster by ‘reforming’ it,” Marshall wrote. “And as you can see here that’s exactly where Manchin goes.”

Meet the Press

DC Editor of the far-left Intercept called it a huge development. He said Manchin will support reforms of the filibuster, remove the 60-vote threshold, and still say he did not end the filibuster.:



  1. The biggest phony in the Senate, which is saying something. Think he’s up for reelection in one of the darkest Red states in the Union. Time for West Virginians to flood his phone line and gather in large numbers at any of his WV offices.

  2. A name that will live in infamy for the Ozymandias time capsule.
    May the future generations learn what not to do from Bolshevik Revolution part deux.
    I doubt it.

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