Brilliant! Trump Was Right Again! Remember Covfefe!


We have to retract this story as unproven since Marshall report has offered no evidence. We rushed to judgement on this.

Donald Trump posted a mysterious tweet on May 31st just after midnight. It baffled the Internet. The left-wing and never Trumpers came out in droves to rip into him for his “typo”. Trump deleted it the next morning and there has never been an explanation.

He tweeted this shortly after.

CNN gleefully joined the detractors claiming the tweet tells people all they need to know about Trump. It’s on its “face dumb” and, CNN claimed, it was the word “coverage” misspelled.

The CNN writer Chris Cillizza wrote: That lack of discipline reveals that there is simply no one who can tell Trump “no.”

A WaPo article was titled, Herefefe is why it’s toughfefe to say ‘covfefe’ and the NY Times wrote, What’s a ‘Covfefe’? Trump Tweet Unites a Bewildered Nation.

NPR thought themselves quite humorous with this title: The Tweet Heard Around The Wrold

Joe Scarborough and his silly girlfriend Mika mocked Trump relentlessly with potty humor.

Some on social media tied it to Russia.

The now-defunct Kathy Griffin tweeted:  Tonight, I have all of Twitter paying attention to me!@realDonaldTrump: Hold my . and “Thank god for covfefe.”

As it turns out, it’s a great message and the only ones with egg on their faces are the arrogant naysayers.

“Cov fe’fe” in Arabic translates to “I will stand up,” according to some reports. That, however, has been debunked.

It is however an Antediluvian term meaning, “In the end we win”.

Both work.

Dianne Marshall, an amateur historian, bible scholar, and author went digging and found that it is an Antediluvian term, meaning “In the end we win.” According to Marshall, it was commonly used by the sons of Adam as they fought against the evil and fallen men.

The word is pronounced: Covfefe’ (pronounced “cuv – fee- fae”)

This is brilliant because, in the end, he did win and we will too!

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Gina Thomas
Gina Thomas
5 years ago

This would be a reasonable explanation if true. It explains Trump’s subsequent tweet and Spicer’s response. This article says the word can be translated using Google Translate. Tried to type “cov fe’fe” into Google Translate. Also tried a few other breakdowns of covfefe but couldn’t get anything remotely coherent. Someone smarter than me should fact check this.

5 years ago

Brilliant, indeed. Their disdain for our President makes it so easy for him to make a fool out of them all, including Bill Kristol who linked the word to covert operation.

The Marxist media complex, their pundits and NeverTrumpers by their own hands are less relevant as the days go by.

5 years ago
Reply to  bydesign001

Oh my?! The echo chamber here is unbelievable and you all merely believe what you want to believe. What nonsense!

GOP is Lost
GOP is Lost
5 years ago

Ha ha you have to be kidding me?! There is no way Trump meant the term to be used as Arabic or Antediluvian; even if he did it was used incorrectly. The way his fragment started-it was an incoherent message with coverage as a typo. Any other explanation is sheer nonsense. Why are we even talking about a typo? Who cares?!