Brooklyn Center Mayor is open to disarming the police in certain situations


The Brooklyn Center mayor, in the wake of the accidental shooting death of Daunte Wright, is open to disarming the police in certain situations.

It’s unclear how these situations are going to be determined, especially since so many escalate. If an officer can’t get to a gun or weapon, s/he can’t defend him/her self or others.

“I don’t believe that officers necessarily have to have weapons every time they make a traffic stop or engage in situations that don’t necessarily call for weapons,” he said. Weapons aren’t needed in some places around the world so he concludes they don’t need them here.

Is he going to take their weapons away before the conclusion of the Derek Chauvin trial?

Brooklyn Center is one of the most dangerous cities in Hennepin County. Minneapolis is the seat of Hennepin County. and parts of that are a hellhole too.


Kim Potter accidentally shot Daunte Wright as he resisted arrest. She says she thought she had her taser out. Mr. Wright died and she could face charges. Both Potter and Police Chief Gannon have resigned.

Mayor Elliott fired the city manager because he would not fire Potter without due process. With the city manager gone, he is in charge of the police department.


The people have rioted for three days.

According to Mayor Mike Elliott, the police chief who was scolded by the media for using the term “riot” has now resigned. The Acting Chief then called the situation in the department “chaotic” with only an hour’s notice of the change in leadership.

The Chief was forced to resign because the BLM mob demanded it.

Mayor Elliott said he hasn’t accepted her resignation and appears to think he can force her to stay in his employ. He made that comment after the mob expressed anger over her not being fired immediately without due process.

Elliott, catering to the mob, says that his office did not approve of the use of tear gas and that they do not support such means of crowd control. He indicated that such use would not be approved for Tuesday night.

This is the graphic bodycam footage of the shooting that ended in the death of Daunte Wright:

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