Lindsey Graham Joins Pencil Neck in Condemning Devin Nunes


Democrat Adam Schiff, the pencil neck partisan, is demanding along with other partisan Democrats that Devin Nunes recuse himself because he doesn’t know he can trust him. So says the most untrustworthy man in Congress.

Nunes is Chair of the House Intelligence Committee and Democrats want him to recuse himself from the Trump campaign investigation because he told the public about possible surveillance of the President.

This is laughable given how incredibly partisan Schiff is. His only role is to disrupt and demonize anything that comes from Republicans. He is hoping to take Nancy Pelosi’s place and possibly run for president.

Pencil Neck Schiff

His worry over trust is the subject of mockery.

Devin Nunes has said that the only reason the Democrats are complaining is because he will get to the bottom of the issue. He added that he would leave the issue of recusal up to Speaker Ryan who has rejected the idea.

Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham has come out against Nunes for publicly revealing there is reason to believe there was surveillance of Trump on issues other than Russia.

The Trump hating Graham said, “I think it’s a little bizarre. Number one, there’s nothing been suggested — there’s nothing been revealed to suggest that the Obama administration surveilled the Trump campaign.”

“That’s not even what Nunes is saying. He is saying there’s in incidental collection outside of Russia. The problem he created is he has gone off on a lark by himself, sort of inspector Clouseau investigation here, trying to find some unmasking information about collection incidental with the Trump campaign and some foreign agent outside of Russia.”

“The only way this can be repaired if he tells his colleagues on the House Intel Committee who he met with and what he saw and let them look at the same information.”

For those unfamiliar with the Pink Panther comedic films starring a character named Inspector Clouseau, Clouseau was a bumbling fool.

What we have here is a buffoon calling his Republican colleague a bumbling fool of an investigator.

Graham, along with his sidekick John McCain, will attack anyone who appears to in any way coming down on the side of the President.

Speaker Ryan was asked if Devin Nunes should recuse himself and if he knew the source of the information.

Ryan fortunately stated emphatically, “No and no.”

Hopefully, Republicans have learned from the mistake Jeff Sessions made recusing himself. We now have an Obama appointee in the DoJ making decisions about the Russian investigation in his stead.

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6 years ago

Graham and his kind, such as McCain, invariably side with the so-called deep state over Trump. That is because they are part of the deep state. They want to restrict as much as possible the release of information on the massive surveillance. That surveillance has been going on for a long time, seems to have greatly increased under Obama, and takes several forms. Graham is well aware of the surveillance and associated abuses.