Business Owner Says “White People Shooting White People…Is Community Outreach”


The owner of Max’s Jewish Deli in Highland, Illinois, one Greg Morelli, spewed his hate-filled message after the tragedy in Las Vegas last evening. He tweeted, “Soon as I heard it was country music, I felt relief. White people shooting White people isn’t terror, it’s community outreach.”

That’s just lovely. He thinks all country music fans are white Republicans and he’d be happy to see them murdered.

A woman calling herself Based American responded: “And I give you the alt left.”

To which Mr. Morelli gave his hate-filled response.

His Twitter page is now filled with vile responses to people commenting on his now-deleted tweet. The deli owner and hater is also tweeting about gun control and claiming the moral high ground because mass shootings are allegedly the right’s pastime – according to him. He claims to really care about all gun victims. Obviously he doesn’t if they like country music.

Mind you, we haven’t heard a motive for the shootings yet.

Here’s a sample of another tweet.

In September, this guy got a lot of grief for a Facebook post depicting Trump as Hitler. People didn’t seem upset that Trump was portrayed as Hitler so much as he posted the imagery on a High Holiday menu for which he apologized.

The left are so civil, diverse, inclusive, tolerant and caring, according to them.

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