Cali asks foster parents to take in 26+ foreign kids as 30K US kids need help


California foster parents are reportedly being asked how many migrant children they are able to house, including the option of “26+” minors. It’s lucrative for any who want to take in huge numbers of children.

“This is an emergency message, please respond to this urgent message from the Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD),” a voicemail obtained by the Daily Mail to foster parents said (Listen below). “CCLD would like to know how many available beds you have to serve additional youth.”

Foster parents Travis and Sharla Kall told the Washington Examiner that they and a number of others received an email with the same message, in addition to links to options ranging from zero to “26 +” children they could potentially take in.

“Usually the maximum amount of children you are allowed to foster at any one time is six,” Travis Kall said. “We called our caseworker and she told us that everyone was calling her because they had got that same call.”

The Kalls said that a friend who uses a different agency to foster children received the same message.


“At any given point in time there are 30,000 plus children in the L.A. County foster care system alone,” Sharla Kall said. “So to ask us already certified foster parents to take on children from another country when we can barely take care of our own foster crisis doesn’t seem beneficial to either side because either way, someone loses a bed.”

“I consider it human trafficking,” Travis Kall said. “It’s not the burden of taking kids in because we have the heart for it, but these are kids that were taken from the border for a money scheme and now they’re going to use us resource parents to take care of them.”

That’s true and sadly, a lot of people will take in the 26 and make a lot of money from it.

This is all because Biden is in business with cartels so Democrats can have a permanent electoral majority.

The Daily Mail got hold of the voicemail message:

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