Cali state rep introduces bills to hit cancel culture and is getting canceled


GOP state Senator Melissa Melendez introduced a bill to prevent discrimination against individuals based on their political orientation in California. She argues that a “climate of intolerance has been established.”

Melendez proposed the “Diversity of Thought Act.” It would amend the Fair Employment and Housing Act to weed out discrimination based on political affiliation in housing, bank loans, or employment

She introduced a second bill to address bullying and harassment against students over their political views.

What could possibly be wrong with that, you ask. Keep reading.

“Cancel culture and the efforts to silence differing opinions and voices should be a growing concern for all of us,” Melendez, a U.S. Navy veteran said in a statement.

The bills seek to place political affiliation to a list of protected classes such as race, gender, and religious belief, according to the LA Times.

The queen of cancel culture, Democratic state Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez of San Diego went scorched earth. She irrationally claimed the bills promoted “racist, pro-domestic terrorism, xenophobic, misogynistic views.”

“I don’t know who needs to hear this today, but: Your racist, pro-domestic terrorism, xenophobic, misogynistic views do not warrant protection “from discrimination.” Your choice to hate & actively pursue hate does not make you part of a protected class,” Gonzalez tweeted Tuesday.

Gonzalez is considered a domestic terrorist by some, but she has a lot of support. She brings in people illegally and then they become homeless. In any case, she proved they need the bills. There are a lot more people like her out there and people need protection from them.

She’s a piece of work. When Elon Musk said he might move production out of the state, she told him what he could do to himself.

“Cancel culture and the efforts to silence differing opinions and voices should be a growing concern for all of us,” Melendez said in a statement.

The bills won’t fly in California, the home of Democrat cancel culture.

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