CDC head wants a cure for mold and asthma before opening schools


The Hill reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky told Fox host Chris Wallace on Sunday that despite new  guidance from the agency for reopening schools, “I think we need a lot more resources in order to get the schools safe.”

“One of the things that’s really been emphasized in the school reopening is how unsafe some of our school ventilations are,” Walensky said on “Fox News Sunday.”

In addition to worsening the risk of coronavirus, she said, “that’s a problem for other respiratory viruses, for children with asthma, for exposure to mold … there’s a lot of work we need to do in order to get our schools to a safer environment.”

Senator Ted Cruz says we now have to cure asthma and mold before we can open up. Cruz believes this came directly from the union bosses.

Insanity. Now the union bosses are demanding we cure asthma and totally eliminate mold before they allow kids to back to school,” Cruz said.


Asked by NBC’s Chuck Todd whether schools would have flexibility in implementing the guidance, particularly with regard to physical distancing, Walensky said during an appearance on “Meet the Press” that the guidance was “dependent on how much disease is in the community.”

That will bring endless studies with no children in schools. It’s a ruse. Union bosses don’t care about children, they care about their agenda and their agenda is power. The puppet president is gladly giving them power. He stops nothing they forward.

Noah Rothman of Commentary Magazine said, “We shouldn’t be trying to mitigate asthma right now. We shouldn’t be trying to limit exposure to mold. We should be trying to save a generation from illiteracy, ignorance, and existential despair.”

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2 years ago

The answer is simple .you stupid people….stop building from wood….and start building facilities out of mold resistant materials

2 years ago

Asthma today – ACNE tomorrow! I know asthma is serious for SOME, but not ALL! Any student with an asthma issue should definitely take precautions, but let’s ask THOSE teachers this : WHAT WERE YOU DOING ABOUT YOUR MOLDY SCHOOLS BEFORE THERE WAS PRESIDENT TRUMP?

Private Joker
Private Joker
2 years ago

They used lice back in my lil’ school boy days.
We had one really poor classmate and helped him out as his parents were always somewhere getting drunk.
Saved any judgement or trash talking and let those who did know that there would be repercussions.
Red State has missed maybe a couple of days since last year. This morning was almost a white out (racist!) and the busses were running and parents dropping off those who don’t like the bus.
This quest for a sterile risk free world is just as pointless as the equal results for all comrades FAIL.