Calls for Dem Gov Northam to Resign Over an Old Photo Not Baby Murder


Not too many people want Governor Northam to remain in his position, but it’s over an old photo, not the baby murders he condones. There is a lot of virtue signaling going on, but not for the dead babies, for a Yearbook picture of Northam when he was young and stupid, thirty-five years ago.


Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine are standing by Democrat Virginia Governor Ralph Northam after his racist past came to the fore with a Yearbook photo and a clip of him refusing to shake his Black opponent’s hand in 2013. Most are calling for him to resign.

It would be best to let him stay. He apologized and does not appear to be a racist now. Northam doesn’t seem to be a good person, but the photo is too old to persecute him. It would have been nice to have it when he falsely accused his opponent of racism last year.

If they do want him to go, it should be over his abortion stance and blatant dishonesty about it. A thirty-five-year-old photo is beyond the statute of limitations. We would like to hear why he didn’t shake E.W. Jackson’s hand, however. Perhaps he was distracted.

The GOP wants Northam out. Most of the media wants him gone.

After Kathy Tran introduced her bill to abort babies in the third trimester, on the same day she presented a bill to save cankerworms, Northam supported her and post-birth abortions. Tran, a Socialist, in turn, wants him to resign.

Eloquent BLACK man

Jennifer Rubin wants him to resign and have his BLACK Lt. Gov. appointed because he’s “eloquent” which obviously comes as a surprise to her.

The Lt. Gov. is very, very devoted to abortion so he will not be an improvement despite the fact that he’s an eloquent African American as Rubin pointed out in her Harry Reid moment. Who cares if he’s Black, Rubin?

Others who are calling for him to resign, although he says he won’t, are former FBI Director James Comey, former Virginia Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe, and the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus.

The NAACP wants him to resign.

The Honorable Kamala Harris, who slept her way to the top, has called for him to step down.

Here is one of her tweets that did not age well.

Planned Parenthood, founded by a woman who openly called for the extermination of the black race, and which is responsible for murdering millions of black babies, is calling for his resignation over the photo, not over the post-birth abortion issue.

Comrades Alexandria O-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley have not said a word, despite being race baiters.

Cory Booker wants him to resign.


Virginia Governor Ralph Northam appears to have been a racist who now thinks it’s okay to kill a deformed baby after birth, and likely any baby. He hand-selected the racist picture on the top left in the photo below for his Yearbook.


CNN labeled Northam a Republican on a chyron during Anderson Cooper’s show. Immediately after, they showed a chyron in which Northam apologizes for the “offensive” and “racist” Yearbook photo from his medical school days. They have since corrected it on Twitter with little fanfare.

Additionally, a clip of him during a debate in 2013 shows him refusing to shake hands or even acknowledge his black opponent E.W. Jackson in the Lt. Governor’s race.

What is truly despicable is this man continually accused his opponent in the governor’s race of racism, although there was never any evidence Mr. Gillespie ever did or said anything racist in his life. Northam knew he had this racism in his background and still went after an innocent man for racism. Is that projection or what?

We don’t really think he didn’t shake Mr. Jackson’s hand because he’s black but someone should ask him about it.



Isn’t the fact that he wants to kill babies after birth more offensive to people? He bashed Republicans for talking about it, but never took back his comments. He’s like a Nazi who thinks it’s okay to kill deformed babies after they’re born.



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