Canada to Issue Fines to $25K for ‘Hate Speech’ Against Drag Queens


Ontario, Canada, is proposing a tyrannical new law to punish anyone who speaks out or protests against drag shows. They will call any such action “hate speech.”

According to Fox News, the law allows an Ontario attorney general to establish 100-meter “safety zones” around drag shows and other LGBTQIA+ events. Anyone who violates it or makes offensive comments could be fined up to $25,000.

The “Protecting 2SLGBTQI+ Communities Act” was attended by drag queens and proposed by MPP Kristyn Wong-Tam, a New Democratic Party MPP.


“Drag artists have faced threats and intimidation all across Ontario over the past year,” Wong-Tam said. That’s according to an Ontario NDP press release.

“Businesses and 2SLGBTQI+ community members are being told that they can’t be out and proud from Thunder Bay to Hamilton, to Guelph, to Stratford, to Welland, Ottawa, and even Toronto. New Democrats are giving Ford’s Conservatives a chance to stop hate — today — by passing my private member’s bill.”

I’m willing to bet that’s a lie. They say that drag queens under assault in the US, but statistics don’t support it.

The bill creates an advisory committee made up of lawmakers and members of the LGBTQ community. They will offer recommendations for preventing “anti-2SLGBTQI+ hate crimes in Ontario,” the press release stated.

They’re criminalizing free speech and the right to protest.

Calgary has a similar bill.

This is totally nuts! The people coming up with these bills have no regard for ethics, fairness, normalcy, laws, boundaries, freedom of speech, and the list goes on.

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