Canadian Reporter on the ‘Final Solution’ for the ‘Dirty, Disgusting’ Unvaxxed


Okay, this next one appears to be satire but I’ve been assured it’s not. I first saw it posted by Ian Miles Cheong on Twitter and he insisted it was not satire. Since then, two Canadians convinced me it’s for real. I am posting so you can decide.

Mark Slapinski is a Journalist and Political Commentator with a blog – He is based in Toronto, Canada. He’s also missing a few fries from his Happy Meal.

In the clip below, he suggests the “final solution” for the unvaxxed, – the “dirty, disgusting” people, as he describes them. Oh, and he talks about putting the unvaxxed “on cattle cars” to “ship them off to work camps”.

“We can also loot them,” he adds.

He’s all for “stripping them of all their rights.” He’s “all for it.”

Slapinski is comparing the situation to the Holocaust and he’s the Nazi.

Where are all these deranged people coming from? Is it the water?


Here’s more. We now live in a world where the dregs get to lay down the rules.

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