Cancel culture comes for Van Jones


CNN commentator Van Jones committed the unforgivable sin of helping Jared Kushner craft President Trump’s police reform bill. For obvious reasons, Van Jones didn’t mention it but did promote the reform bill on air. That wasn’t a good idea, but what really infuriated the cancel culture was him working on anything with the White House.

Since he worked on something the White House wanted to get right, he’s a Nazi enabler.

Van Jones isn’t someone I can listen to for any length of time. His views give me agita, but he was trying to help at some risk to his career.
Jones is far left but he is committed to his principles, one of which is police reform. The CNN commentator put that before his personal animosity towards the White House. He looks for points of agreement to get things done.

For that, the bullies in the media and social media want him taken down — canceled.

The vile publication, The Daily Beast, did an ‘expose’ on him, recalling his claim that President Trump is “the worst person ever born.” What they don’t seem to realize is he wasn’t helping Trump. He was helping Black people he feels are unfairly treated by police.

While we have a problem with crime more than policing, he believes what he believes.

Meanwhile, in blue Chicago alone, 302 were shot and killed so far this year, 1,695 were shot, and 329 were homicides. Their gun laws clearly do nothing. Instead of gun laws, how about gang laws and enforcement of gun laws already on the books?

Where are the marches over the daily tragedies in our blue cities? Why doesn’t the cancel culture cancel gangs and crooked politicians who work arm-and-arm with the gangs?

Here are a few samples of the fascists’ responses:

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