Black Lives Matter: Why?


Black lives matter. Why? Let’s see how the logic plays out. Why should a white person give a fat rat’s ass about his black brother? I suppose it has to be out of a sense of decency. Morality, even. Perhaps out of fear. Whatever works, you say?

Let’s examine the concept itself. When we say black lives matter, we’re making a qualitative assumption, and logic demands a resolution, a definitive completion. Black lives matter as much as or in spite of – in concert with or in conflict with — the lives of other races. Obviously we’re saying: All Lives Matter, or it doesn’t make any sense. I’m sorry, but when you say black lives matter, there has to be a “why?” Why do black lives matter?

That takes us back to our opening paragraph. Black lives matter out of a sense of decency or morality in civil society — or from fear of the wrath of the black man rioting, burning, looting, and murdering.

We look first at a society of decent and moral people — a society of man, his politics, his economy, his beliefs, and his endeavors. As decent and moral as man can be, he is still flawed. It is man who was responsible for the Holocaust. It is man who throughout history has committed genocide, infanticide, and human sacrifices. The ancient Greeks and Romans kept slaves – the Mongols and Visigoths, the Egyptians, the Africans, the ancient Celts and Brits, the ancient Saxons and Angles, the American Indian all kept slaves.

The only recorded history of freeing the slaves on a massive, enduring level was God in the book of Exodus freeing the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt – the American Civil War certainly, and the Christianity in the hearts of the men and women who believed in God and brotherhood and fought and died to free the slaves in the American Confederacy. No. I’m afraid we cannot rely on man on his own – not on his decency or morality — without God.

Some readers may reject the idea that in its purest essence declaring black lives matter is rooted in the belief in a just and merciful Judeo-Christian God. Yet, it seems a majority of Americans of all races believe just that. And somehow it’s difficult to imagine our Judeo-Christian God saying, “Black lives matter,” without Him adding, “as do all lives of all my children.”

And finally addressing our original question: Why should a white person give a fat rat’s ass about his black brother? We’re left to consider fear of the angry mobs.

Fear, or “whatever works” is perhaps the worst answer because whatever works is a floating equation. Whatever works varies in different times as societal conditions change. If whatever works only works for blacks, which are 14 percent of America’s population, what about the other 86 percent of people for whom it’s not working?

Fear as a solution is a two edged sword, a deep, fatal flaw just waiting to burst through the surface in open rebellion. Even a Marxist government, which Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors advocates, could not hold down the rebellion of a raging oppressed majority.

So, for a stable and enduring society, we must rule out fear to justify the idea that black lives matter. All lives matter and an open, free capitalist society would seem to solve that problem. But, can we put aside All Lives Matter while we run out the logic of the Black Lives Matter movement?

We cannot, for when we ask why a white person should care about his black brother we’re down to God’s natural laws and back to All Lives Matter and Christian love and brotherhood. A free, just, and thriving society means free, just, and thriving for all – black lives, white lives – as well as brown and red and yellow. Did I miss any?

It would seem, then, that Black Lives Matter isn’t about solving any of the problems of the black community. It becomes evident that the BLM movement has been usurped by Marxists whose goal is to tear down a free and thriving capitalist system – a government empowered by the consent of a free people — and replace it with a tyrannical structure of power-hungry elitists whose claim to power at best ensures a forced equality at the price of individual freedom.

When you think about a forced equality at the price of individual freedom, remember, as far as governmental power goes, equality and liberty are, and must be mutually exclusive.

All men and women are born free – each with free-will — endowed by their Creator with equal opportunity, not equal outcome. We are unique with unique talents and unique paths in life, and at the end of life each man stands alone and answers to God. Between birth and death, we live and learn, we hone and burnish and discipline our free will so that what we do with our individual opportunity results in a varied and glorious existence – each of us a shining star “trailing clouds of glory!”

The year is 2020, not 1861, and maybe I’m being a pompous ass. Is that any worse than being a black bigot or a Marxist overlord?

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billybob texas
billybob texas
3 years ago

Personally, I have absolutely no problem having interactions with all of the Black men I see and work with on a daily basis. No problem at all – BECAUSE they are just like me. “Normal” whatever that means – trying to do a good job and obeying the Rules of our Civilization.

But then I see on TV/Twitter/FB, etc….the Black thugs beating/looting/killing. Granted, some are Antifa – and I count those against White people. But the Black thugs just overwhelm ANY good that might come from BLM. We all know BLM is a fraud – they don’t give a DAMN about Black-on-Black crime, as evidenced EVERY DAY in the Democrat Plantation Black Ghettos in our big cities. None. So….until BLM cares about ALL Black Lives…don’t expect me to either.

Pretty sad to have a good idea being hijacked by Black Thugs, who deserve swift and sure justice for their crimes.

Sieg Zerstoerer
Sieg Zerstoerer
3 years ago

Black lives don’t matter worth a damn, as evidenced by the numbers of blacks killed by other blacks each and every day in the DemocRATic ghettos of America.

Simple solution?


Failing that, then a program of mandatory sterilization for Blacks. Call it preemptive self-defense.

If that’s too harsh for them, then all Black males should be registered at birth and tracked until they hit 40.

It’s a shame, but it’s also about time Whites stop apologizing and start defending their country.


3 years ago

The BLM cabal have visibly demonstrated that it is only Certain Black Lives that matter.