Cancel Culture got ‘Cancel Fox’ trending on Twitter


Hard-left America hater Chip Franklin is a star on Twitter today as ‘Cancel Fox’ trends. This is a case of the cancel culture rising up against an outlet that wants to cancel the cancel culture.

Absurdly, Franklin reduces the argument to ‘cartoon characters don’t have First Amendment rights,’ referencing the canceling of Dr. Seuss books, and other targeted cartoons.

“Fox News is obsessed with cancel culture, the idea that cartoons have first amendment rights. The irony is, Fox is all up in everyone’s sh*t over what they profess to love: the free market. RT if you agree it’s time to #CancelFox’. He is deliberately missing the point.

The mob doesn’t like opposition or criticism.

Franklin is a Washington Post writer and BLM supporter.

Far-left attorney and former candidate for Congress, Pam Keith, wants people to call their cable providers to cancel Fox. This was something started by Brian Stelter, a fake journalist. Fox is CNN’s competitor.

The usual culprits like ‘Brooklyn Dad’ are pushing the trend to number 7 on Twitter. It’s their mission today.

The cancel culture is once again trying to cancel Fox.

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