Caravans Every Day – Explosive Numbers as Congress Plans Amnesty


Todd Bensman reports that Border Patrol expects 20,000 a day minimum after December 21st, when Title 42 is lifted. That date was worked out with the ACLU, which seems to run the country. You can watch the clip below, but be prepared to be shocked.

Currently, about 1,000 migrants just crossed illegally into the Eagle Pass, Texas area alone in two separate, huge groups simultaneously. In other words, more than one caravan is coming in each day, and they are getting larger as December 21st approaches.

One group was around 650 in size, and the second was about 350 in size. A group of 700 crossed there yesterday. Massive numbers!


As we reported earlier, 71% of the illegal migrants handled by Catholic Charities are going to Republican districts. This is a planned operation to turn the United States into a one-party state.

Todd Bensman of The Center for Immigration Studies spoke with Steve Bannon yesterday. He said the numbers coming in are explosive. People are talking about amnesty deals, including establishment Republicans.

Bannon asked Bensman, “What would that do to a border?

“The timing couldn’t be worse,” Bensman said.

“This will be a Category 5 Hurricane!” Drugs that are “not resistible” are pouring in. It was going to be a “Category 5 Hurricane” before they started talking about amnesty.

There is no bigger story than our Congress planning amnesty. Latin America is especially listening to this on TV. The illegal migrants are rational, high-information folks and are on the trigger, figuring out when they should come.

Many have relatives in the US telling foreigners to come. They always come when Democrats and establishment Republicans plan amnesty.

“The world is watching,” Bensman said. They are watching DACA and other amnesties.

Border Patrol says a minimum of 15,000 to 20,000 illegal migrants will come each day when Title 42 is lifted.

Congress is hammering out an immigration bill. Mitch McConnell is running this, but even Sen. Cornyn said the time isn’t right. Republicans are whipping up votes for this. Bannon said if McConnell succeeds in amnesties, he’ll lose about 20% of his base.

If they give amnesty to millions and millions of DACA, all children in the world coming in will want amnesty, Bensman said. “That’s how it works.”

Josh Hawley said amnesty over his dead body. I’ll follow his leadership in whatever he decides to do.


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