CBS/YouGov Poll: Biden’s Truthful, Lacks Cognitive Function, Should Keep Running


A CBS News/You Gov left-wing poll, for what it’s worth, released today found that 3/4s of Americans do not think Joe Biden has the cognitive function to serve as president. That is up from 2/3rds in February from the same pollsters.

Democrats Are Mostly Concerned About Strategy

Shockingly, Democrats aren’t concerned about whether Joe Biden can run the government. They’re worried about the strategy and its implications.

To me, it’s because they know a panel of Democrats behind Joe Biden are the people running the government, probably led by Marxist Barack Obama, and they don’t have a problem with that. However, that’s conjecture on my part because I don’t believe they are that stupid.

This could also be attributed in part to the fact that the media constantly lies to Americans. Half of the electorate thinks Donald Trump does not have the cognitive health to serve. The only way they get that impression is from false reporting. He’s fine cognitively.

Keep Running, Joe

Also shocking, Democrats want Biden to keep running even though they don’t think he has the cognitive function to run the government.

If there is a D after the candidate’s name, Democrats will vote for him/her.

However, Mr. Trump holds a wide view among Republicans that he should be running. Voters widely believed that in the debate, Trump presented his ideas more clearly, appeared more presidential, inspired more confidence, explained his policies better, and won the debate. However, they also think Trump was not as truthful.

Biden Is More Truthful???

That is mind-boggling. Trump exaggerated a couple of things, but that’s it. Biden never stopped lying. He lied constantly. That result has to be because the legacy media all get together and peddle the same lies to damage Republican candidates. The media is an arm of the Democrat Party.

About the manufactured democracy issue:

The rule of law is something Democrats care nothing about. Imagine how things would be different if the media told the truth.

The CBS News/You Gov survey took a national sample of 1,130 registered voters who were contacted between June 28 and the 29th. All respondents participated in the earlier survey on June 17-21. The survey’s margin of error for registered voters is 4.2+ a minus, which is significant.

cbsnews_20240630-SUN by Caroline Linton

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